Bush Iris

(IRIDACEAE Patersonia occidentalis)


An Australian Native Flower

This essence was prepared with a Royal blue Tourmaline crystal


* Spiritual insights

* Understanding beyond the material/physical

* Meditation

Trust in me as I show you the way to your inner Divinity and truth. Allow your consciousness to expand beyond the physical vessel in which you reside. (The Bush Iris speaks)

The Bush Iris is commonly known as the Long Purple Flag. The three-petalled flowers are mostly blue-violet in colour and flowering occurs in Spring and Summer. Each flower lasts for less than a day but mature plants will produce a procession of flowers for many months. The flowers consist of 3 broad petal-like sepals, enclosed by 2 large brown bracts on long stalks.

People who are seeking spiritual development or wishing to know their purpose for being in physical form this lifetime would benefit from this essence. It is beneficial to take it before meditation or other spiritual/religious practices as it assists with opening communication channels for inner attunement with your Divine inner self, as well as your Spirit guides and teachers. It enhances self-awareness and visualisation.

It is often difficult to stay focussed and trusting of your inner guidance as at times there are distractions that may seem more logical or acceptable to those around you and these can draw you away from trusting yourself. Bush Iris will help you accept your inner voice as being of more value to you than the outer world may be expecting of you.

Bush Iris offers assistance to people who are preparing to pass over, calming their fears and assisting many to accept and connect with their spiritual families or loved ones who await their arrival on the other side. This essence has been included in the Transition Essence mix which has the ability to assist those who are struggling against the tide of their pending passing over. This combination helps to dispel fear and bring a calm acceptance.


I am awakening to my spirituality and inner guidance

I accept death calmly and fearlessly

I am safe and protected at all times

(Information inspired by “Australian Bush flower Essences” by Ian White)

Blue Tourmaline – Activates the 3rd eye and throat chakras * Strengthens communication and psychic awareness * Assists in relating to others in a loving manner and to live in harmony with the environment * Activates progression towards Service and recognising rewards of serving humanity through expansion of knowledge and the power of love * The deeper shade of blue facilitates access to higher levels of intuition * Assists with disorders of lungs, throat, larynx, oesophagus, thymus and thyroid.



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