Calming essence


Calming Essence is for calming situations where panic and/or pain are experienced. It gently dilutes shock symptoms during traumatic life situations or major accidents.

Its wonderful to have on hand to calm toddlers, young children or the elderly to relieve fall traumas or accidents.

It lowers anxiety allowing for calmer, clear-headed thinking to prevail.

It can be useful in slowing down an active mind when sleep alludes you.

This essence has the ability to dilute shock symptoms associated with surgical operations – even those stored within the body from the past.

Calming Essence is excellent for assisting with easing headache and migraine symptoms.

For migraines – Best results occur when taken at the onset of a migraine. Initially can be taken at 10-15 minute intervals, then extending to 20-30 minute intervals – slowly increasing the time intervals as the migraine begins to ease. Once symptoms have eased it is recommended that a maintenance dosage be continued approximately 2-3 times a day for the next day or two.

Use it in your garden to relieve shock symptoms your plant’s may suffer after major pruning or when moving them to a new situation in your garden.

Calming Essence is useful to have on hand at all times



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