Chakra Alignment essence


This flower essence blend has been created infused with physical and ethereal colour rays which in themselves provide healing and balance.

Working with the chakras allows for activating and supporting transformation and healing of the Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual bodies.

This combination of essences is designed to promote balance and re-alignment to ALL of the energy centres and their emotional and physical counterparts, not just the 7 major ones.

Chakras are the energy centers of the body and are responsible for the proper functioning of the physical body and its various organs. Malfunctioning chakras can cause a variety of ailments. Chakras organise reception, assimilation and transmission of vital energy. They are like spinning wheels of energy found along your spine, opening both at the front and back of your body.

When your energy body and chakras are out of balance it can throw all kinds of things in your life out of alignment. But when they are balanced, you’ll be able to feel good, energised and vibrant regardless of what’s happening in the world around you. When in alignment it is easier to connect with your guides and angels, and make empowered choices.

We have 12 main chakras within our human system although are many other minor ones associated with them throughout the body.

The <em>Chakra Alignment Essence</em> is a blend of essences consisting of a combination of each of the 8 Chakra Essence blends – which are separately available on this website. These essences are high frequency essences being prepared with high frequency etheric colour rays and gem elixirs. They each consist of a combination of 7 carefully selected Nature’s Flowers of Life™ flower essences – with the exception of the Upper or Soul Star Chakra blend, which has only 3.

Each of the Nature’s Flowers of Life™ flower essences were created with gem elixirs, thus further enhancing the energies of these blends.

I am perfectly aligned within the perfection of who I am on all levels of my Being and All That Is.
I Am that I am
I enable and allow my body to perform in its perfected state of higher frequency

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