Essential Oil Perfume


This blend of Flower Essences and essential oils is a delightful blend of aromas.  Additionally they offer properties of healing, protection, and are excellent for the skin.

This perfume is a blend of Essential Oils of Rose Geranium; Rosewood and Lavender, as well as the Flower Essence remedy of Magnolia.

The Magnolia Flower Essence offers a beautiful Angelic presence within it and assists in accessing your Divine knowledge & wisdom, whilst at the same time keeping you grounded.

The Magnolia Essence is for opening the heart to receive Angelic love, and it helps raise your vibrational resonance so as to connect with your own Divinity. The energies of Rose Quartz and Amethyst crystals are also within this flower essence.

The Magnolia flowers offered the following words as the essence was being prepared: “I represent the love that is Divine and pure and the Angels sing their song of love into this essence preparation.”

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