Sound Therapy Healing


Sound Therapy Healing is a therapy for transformation assisting you to find renewed passion and life purpose.

Solara is a spiritual healer who intuitively works with vibrational healing energies including Flower Essences. She is a channel for bringing through toning and singing sounds from the Highest dimensions of Love. These vibrational tones are both healing and empowering being uniquely designed for your spiritual, emotional and physical expansion according to your Soul’s purpose. They have the potential to clear the way for you to create something new in your life that will give you pleasure and connect with your life purpose.

Your Higher Self, Guides, Angels and Masters from the Brotherhoods of Light assist with this work in unlocking repressed emotional energies and self-limiting programs that may be held within your cellular body.

These vibrational healing sounds sweep clean the chakras to assist in bringing them into balance and alignment to ensure that the energies can flow with ease.

Individually selected Flower Essence Remedies support this transformational work. Nature’s Flowers of Life ® essences may at times be accompanied by selections from the Australian Bush Flower and Forest Essence ranges.

“Healing may not be so much about getting better, as about letting go of everything that isn’t you – all of the expectations, all of the beliefs – and becoming who you are.” – by Rachel Naomi Remen

Physical health depends greatly on the energy generated by your own thoughts and feelings. The body carries much emotional or traumatic energy stored within its tissues and etheric bodies (auras) from the past. As well as present day challenges, these energies could also relate to past life experiences such as wounds of war; burning at the stake; severe accidents; a broken heart. These energies can carry with them associated unconscious beliefs and programs some of which may also have been passed down through your ancestral lineage.

Vibrational healing energies, including the Flower Essences, assist in dealing with those underlying fears, beliefs and self-limiting programs of behaviour that no longer serve you and may be holding you back from creating what your Soul desires you to achieve. These rejuvenating energies allow you to embrace your own healing process.

The energies within each cell, atom and molecule of life around the planet and of the planet herself, are interconnected in consciousness. Our very existence flows in vibration, with colour and sounds flowing in, around and through us. There is a beautiful dance of colour, sound and energies when all is in harmony and balance.They therefore effect each other with each thought, action and sound created.

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