A creative hands-on experience in Flower Essence Remedy Making and vibrational energies.

Waratah - Workshops - Flowers for Healing
Lavender - Workshops - Flowers for Healing
Gloriousa lily - Workshops - Flowers for Healing

Workshop content

  • We start the day by calling in your personal Divinity, the Ascended Masters and Angels in the presence of Gaia, the Elementals & Devas
  • Experience connecting with flowers and their healing properties
  • Understanding the transformational qualities of Flower Essences
  • Vibrational relationships between Flower Essences, DNA, colour & sound
  • Making a flower essence remedy and receiving its healing properties. A collective record of the information received by each participant will be created
  • Each participant will take home a bottle of this remedy
  • Clearing your 'baggage' and that of your ancestry and family lineage.
  • Meditations and processing relating to relationships and resistances
  • Receive an instruction booklet on the remedy making process
  • A certificate of attendance will be issued

How you will benefit

You will benefit by gaining knowledge of the properties of flowers and their essences as a supportive healing medium. Experience the ease of tuning into plants and receiving their healing properties. Gain the knowledge of how to use these principles for yourself.

Available for purchase

  • A Personal essence combination for you
  • Stock essences and kits (lay-by available)
  • Sol-Umbra Cream - moisturising cream for sun-damaged skin
  • Equanimity - energy clearing spray
  • Essential oil perfumes
  • Various pre-prepared combination blends

Bring along an instrument of your choosing; pen & paper – and lunch to share. Tea & coffee provided.