All About Gratitude

All about gratitude - Flower Essences & Remedies - Flowers for Healing

Being in Gratitude allows ‘doors’ to your heart to open to the Universal energies – which in turn provides you with energy. What you give out you get back! Being in gratitude places you in energy space of Light, and your inner Light shines out to all those around you and is visibly seen by the Angelic realms. We touch many people during our daily activities, whether we are walking the streets, shopping, working or playing – especially when we are radiating energies of gratitude and joy. In this way, we share our joy consciously or unconsciously.

When you think of some of the great peacemakers of the world such as Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela and Gandhi we see that their transformational ideas were embedded in a belief that every person is special and every situation must be treated with dignity. Peace is unrealised when we lose sight of this truth or when we forget our own worth and the worth of others. It is always beneficial to do our best to act with dignity even (and especially) in the darkest of experiences.

In progressing towards these concepts, we come to realise that gratitude is a very powerful tool. Each day is a gift, as is every breath that we take a moment by moment. By responding with gratitude to all of the gifts in your life from moment to moment brings great joy. In responding as if each day is your first and the very last day, then you’ll have the best day every day.

There is so much to be grateful for in life, such as having eyes to see the magnificent colours and beauty of nature that surrounds you. Being grateful for your taste buds and ability to smell your food as you eat. For having the ability to hear the sounds of nature such as the bird song, or the wind rustling through trees and grasses, or beautiful music that your fellow brothers and sisters produce. How often do you look up at the beauty of the sky with all the different cloud formations, movements and colours that can change from moment to moment?

Open your heart and smile to the world around you, and to all whom you meet and touch with your presence. The nature of the Grevillea flower essence is sunny, joyful and playful. As an essence, it is for bringing joy and play into one’s life where these have been hidden due to the seriousness of life. It helps one remember that life is a journey of experiences to be enjoyed, not laboured. It lifts one’s spirits, allowing the inner child to play once more. Blue Water Lily essence offers the gift of awakening to the sacredness of water and to all aspects of life on Earth.