Flower Essence Testimonials

Sound Therapy Healing - Flowers for Healing

Hello Solara, Your essences are stunning :)). I have been ordering them for awhile now and I have never been disappointed. I had never done essences before so this is an adventure with my mind, body and spirit. It is always a surprise and I embrace the essence with every change I go through.

Sound Therapy Healing - Flowers for Healing

How appropriate is Aloe Vera for me at this time. I have had an over acid system for quite sometime and finally had it medically checked – leaky gut. I started using Aloe Vera about a week ago and it has helped heal my leaky gut & most acid symptoms have almost disappeared. 

Pam of NSW
Essences Taken: Aloe Vera
Sound Therapy Healing - Flowers for Healing

This essence has really helped me emotionally. After having five early miscarriages (all around the 5 week mark of pregnancy) I became obsessed and uptight about my cycles and my fertility. This essence helped to calm me, giving me patience and helping me trust in my body – to relax and let nature do what it is meant to do. I found myself ‘going with the flow’ for the first time since we started trying. It has also helped me with my feelings towards the relationship I have with my existing son whom was conceived without effort. I was feeling resentment and guilt for wanting more than one child, but I found these feelings vanish whilst taking this essence. I now have every bit of faith in my body and have a positive outlook on pregnancy and adding to our family. Thank you very much – these really are ‘Nature’s Flowers of Life’! 

Mrs Ann Harrison of the UK
Essence Taken: Childbearing Blend
Sound Therapy Healing - Flowers for Healing

I feel that this essence is definitely shifting energy within, so a process has been started. I am finding the essence is bringing forward some very confronting emotional issues. I understand that a lot of the depression I am experiencing is associated with past trauma and I am hopeful that I will be able to move through them and be able to move forward in my life as a result. I am mindful of being kind to myself during this process, a process that would be an understatement to say is quite unpleasant. I believe this essence has the potential to cause quite an emotional upheaval in people. 

Jan of Newcastle
Essence Taken: Fibromyalgia
Sound Therapy Healing - Flowers for Healing

When I received the essences, on opening them – I had a wonderful feeling & know I am touched by Angels very strong feeling of, ‘ah love’ – that stays with me every time I am taking them. Can connect very strongly with their amazing energy – it goes thru all my bodies. All the essences you have chosen for me are so, so exactly right and have made a difference for me. I still use the affirmations, and ‘know’ they have been instrumental in helping with a recent happening I was dealing with. Also the wonderful Equanimity. I know they are ‘for our time’ and ‘so right’. Thank you so very much for your amazing energy/input. 

Gaye of Tasmania
Essences Taken: A Personal combination
Sound Therapy Healing - Flowers for Healing

After eating some prawns I acquired parasitic-type symptoms within my colon resulting in explosive diarrhea and excessive flatulence. These symptoms persisted for 9-1/2 months. During this time I took medications from my GP as well as Chinese herbal medicines; homeopathic, and herbal remedies with no improvements other than some temporary improvements.

In desperation I consulted Solara who prescribed a Colon Cleanse flower essence blend requiring taking only a few drops a day. Symptoms immediately began to improve, and after three weeks of using Colon Cleanse flower essences I am back to normal – and my vitality is back. I am 78 years old and I am pleased to say that with my restored energy and appetite I’m feeling a lot younger. 

Byron of Canberra
Essence Taken: Colon Cleanse
Sound Therapy Healing - Flowers for Healing

My cat recently presented with acute symptoms of vertigo and wobbly legs, and was not herself for the following few days. However, within a couple of hours of taking Solara’s essences she was much more settled and brighter, and within 24 hours she was running around the house, back to her usual exuberant self. I was extremely impressed with the efficacy of the essences. Solara had cited intestinal worms/parasites to be the culprit which was confirmed by results of blood tests taken by the vet as being toxoplasmosis. Akasha has since not had a relapse since taking the essences and I am now keeping her on Solara’s Colon Cleanse blend— a special remedy for intestinal parasites. Only a few drops daily on Akasha’s raw meat is all that is required. I have a healthy and thriving cat once again. Thank you, Solara. 

Rebecca's Cat, Newcastle
Essences Taken: Colon Cleanse
Sound Therapy Healing - Flowers for Healing

After taking the Soul Healing drops today I had a wonderful healing to which your drops contributed – I saw my heart cut in half and meld back together again and then fragments of my soul returned to me and my soul took the form of a butterfly. The other essences have been most interesting – my digestion is okay now because of another interesting healing which took me back in time. Once again your drops Digestive Well-Being would have contributed to this healing change; the Colon Cleanse – every time I take them that is what happens, so I space them to when I decide I want this to happen; the Grief Relief ones have helped both Brian and I with the grief as expected; the Equanimity spray I actually use this on myself – and it works a treat!

Dr.Cris Henderson
Essences Taken: Soul Healing - Digestive Well-Being - Colon Cleanse
Sound Therapy Healing - Flowers for Healing

This essence was amazing for me. I felt love come through my Heart chakra. In fact I was amazed at how quick it started to work. The following few days I felt it awaken me to love. Love of everyone and of everything in nature. I also use it as a room spray at work or home. (Included in Equanimity Energy Spray) When I do this I find my day at work is more productive and I have less people coming to my desk. Also the negative energy is not there. I recommend taking this essence to renew your love of life. 

Chris of Sydney
Essences Taken: Blue Water Lily
Sound Therapy Healing - Flowers for Healing

Solara’s essences assisted me in a painful grieving process by ensuring that my emotional releasing became more gentle and less intense than it could have been. The essence helped to restore inner balance and to create an environment for forgiveness to take place. I found Solara’s intuitive knowledge to be a great asset at a difficult time.

Jasper of Newcastle
Sound Therapy Healing - Flowers for Healing

My husband adds the Aloe Vera drops straight onto his skin. He has many blemishes and it helps heal them. I had a ingrown bite on my arm for years and because of the drops it is almost gone. I have also added it to almond lotion in the past. Great stuff!!

Sharon of USA
Essences Taken: Aloe Vera
Sound Therapy Healing - Flowers for Healing

I was directed by my therapist to take 3 drops 3 times per day of your Aloe Vera essence. Apparently, right now the Aloe Vera is helping to maintain the proper temperature in my stomach. The condition being treated is ‘chronic bowel disturbance’. Also, since I am looking to get pregnant soon, my therapist said that the essence would be a good support for breastfeeding. 

Stacey of USA
Essences Taken: Aloe Vera
Sound Therapy Healing - Flowers for Healing

I found Solara’s flower essences to be most effective to heal past life wounds, mine presenting as a recurring muscular pain/spasm under the shoulder blade. After trying many modalities in an attempt to shift the stuck energy to no avail, Solara’s essences started working within hours – I felt surges of heat around my shoulder and the back of my heart chakra. The following day I felt as though I was experiencing the removal of an implement, from deep within my shoulder blade. I felt protected and safe as this was occurring, without having to relive any associated trauma. More layers gradually unfolded to be released as I continued taking the essences. Explanations and affirmations provided for each of the essences prescribed were most beneficial to the healing process. I highly recommend Solara’s beautiful flower essences and I am so thankful for this healing and for her intuitive, loving guidance. 

Rebecca of Newcastle
Essences Taken: A Personal combination
Sound Therapy Healing - Flowers for Healing

Thank you for the remedies that you have provided to me over time. They have been an important part of my healing through my time of turmoil.

I feel a quiet calming as I take them and a stillness settles through me from the inside. They seem to help give me the time and space to cease the chatter of my mind so that clarity and peace can drop in and this of course supports my spirit and my feeling of connection with the universe.

I believe that your gentle strength combined with your intuition, that you have developed over the ages stretching from before time, enables you to create magic in your blends. Thank you again. In Love and Light 

Suzannah of Newcastle
Sound Therapy Healing - Flowers for Healing

I requested some treatment from Solara for an ache in my left arm which had persisted for some 4 months. During that time I had received osteopathic treatment which had not helped.

Solara prescribed some flower essences for me to take over the following 3 weeks. Within 4 days the pain was totally gone and has since never returned. I have been very pleased with the treatment. 

Sylvia of Newcastle (Naturopath/Homeopath)
Sound Therapy Healing - Flowers for Healing

I had an ‘interaction’ with a Frangipani flower a few weeks ago and I could feel the energy flowing through my heart. The message about confidence in new goals and directions was very apt. Since removing a fear around stress created by my former profession I knew that I had to start using those skills again and combine them with the new (I am currently studying). Taking the essence has turned an ‘I can’t’ attitude into an ‘I can’ attitude. I know I have to get a new job combining the old and the new and after several months through my meditations and taking the essence I now know what area I want to move into. Within my course there are some challenging diagnostic techniques and this is where I was thinking ‘I can’t’. Taking the essence I am now practising the technique on a daily basis and believe that with practice I can do this.  

Julie of Australia
Essences Taken: Frangipani

Vibrational Healing

Sound Therapy Healing - Flowers for Healing

I have been working with Solara Zwaneveld for around nine months and initially sought her assistance and spiritual guidance for emotional healing and to provide some gentle support to enable me to embrace life once again with a sense of direction and purpose. This work has allowed me to acknowledge many aspects of my life and I now have passion and direction to make necessary life changes.

Solara has prescribed a range of flower essences during this time and we have undertaken distant vibrational healing. I am very grateful for Solara prescribing these flower essences as they have made a life-changing impact to my emotional, mental and physical health.

The most recent flower essence remedy has been a combination of Jasmine and Magnolia essences which has been beneficial in addressing some mental and physical congestion within my body. This combination of flower essences has assisted in improving my overall health and has made a noticeable impact on my energy levels. 

Belinda of Melbourne
Sound Therapy Healing - Flowers for Healing

I have known Solara Zwaneveld for many years. During that time I have found her to be a very genuine and caring person.

In recent times my husband and myself have asked Solara for healing with health problems that we were experiencing at the time. These problems involved headaches, tiredness, backache and stress. Some of the healings were performed in Solara’s presence and some were absent. All healings were found to be most beneficial and the effect was felt almost immediately. We would not hesitate to ask Solara for more healing in future. 

Kathy of Bathurst
Sound Therapy Healing - Flowers for Healing

Over the past few months I have been a client of Solara Zwaneveld.

I went to Solara for treatment of a recurrent dislocated shoulder. Also I sought her help in the form of emotional and spiritual guidance and healing.

The various treatments I received were vibrational healing, remedial massage, voice toning and flower essence remedies.

Overall I am extremely happy with the outcome or benefits of Solara’s work. She has definitely given me a great deal of assistance in having a much more enjoyable fulfilling life. 

Richard of Newcastle