Essence Combinations

Flower Essence Blends for Specific Life Circumstances

Allow me to choose a combination blend of essences for you personally.

By tuning into your Higher Self we can select an essence blend that would best assist you in easing through life’s challenges, offering upliftment and clarity. By sending me a brief outline by email (here below) of what it is that you’re wishing to change in your life will assist in setting your intention for change so that the essences can guide you towards positive changes and new directions. Including your date of birth would also assist us with tuning into your personal guidance.

Click here for a Personal Consultation Essence request.

Or if you prefer to choose your own selection of essences for a personal combination, please choose from the Flower Essence Directory (up to 3-4 is best).

Alcohol sensitivity

These flower essence combinations are now available prepared in a non-alcoholic herbal stabilizer using Red Shiso, which is a member of the mint family. This stabilizer is prepared by green Hope Farm in the U.S.A. Please let me know if this is your preference when placing your order.