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Choose By Symptoms - Flower Essences & Remedies - Flowers for Healing

Essences to help resolve emotions associated with physical symptoms

Choose By Symptoms - Flower Essences & Remedies - Flowers for Healing

Essences to help resolve emotional symptoms

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Choosing essences

There are several ways of choosing the most suitable remedies for your present needs.

When choosing the most appropriate flower essences, be aware that they do not try to eliminate symptoms, but rather reconnect a situation caused by underlying imbalances.

Rather than attempting to choose by descriptions alone, it is suggested that you first use a method that accesses your body wisdom such as kinesiology (muscle testing), a pendulum, intuitive sensing/feeling, or asking your Higher Self for guidance. You may also find that the photos may intuitively “speak” to you. In addition to using these methods, reading the descriptions will give you more information about what may be creating underlying imbalances.

  • You may prefer to allow me to choose a Personal Combination blend of essences for you. By tuning into your Higher Self we can select an essence blend that would best assist you in easing through life’s challenges, offering upliftment and clarity. By sending me a brief outline of what it is that you’re wishing to change in your life, will also help in setting your intention for change so that the essences can guide you towards positive changes and new direction. Including your date of birth would also assist us with tuning into your personal guidance (optional).
  • A Combination Dose blend of your own choice can be ordered by selecting Personal Essence from the menu and emailing your selection to me. A blend may consist of 4-5 Remedies at a time.

Using essences

As you flow along life’s path, your challenges and emotional needs may change from day to day, or from week to week. From a broader perspective, you may be constantly sorting through specific situations, emotions and challenges in your life. In so doing your needs would be met by different remedy choices at different times.

A combination of several essences within one blend can be most effective in assisting with getting to the core of a challenge by drawing on several “strings” of issues that may be contributing to what’s going on in your life. However, a single essence taken on its own can give a defined effect in many cases.

More than often a different remedy blend would be required each time as you work through layers of emotions and challenges, although sometimes particular remedies may need to be repeated. This would depend either on how deep-seated these challenges may be, and/or how well you have been progressing in rising above them.

Remedies generally continue to be active for some time after a dosage has been completed, so it is usual for a short space of time be allowed between remedies. However this varies with each individual person and it’s important to trust your intuition with regard to this. Sometimes you may feel impressed to follow on with the next blend immediately for whatever reason. It is safe to do so as Flower Remedies are self-adjusting to your needs.