Frequently Asked Questions

What are Flower Essences?

Flowers are the life-force of a plant being the bearers of fruits which eventually transform into the seed bearing form from which to grow more plants. Flower Essences carry the vibrational essence or consciousness of a plant within a system of DNA similar to that of human beings. It is this aspect within the flower that connects with the consciousness and DNA of a person ingesting an essence. The vibrational essence of the flowers is collected during the preparation of an essence.

It is my understanding that most plants could possibly carry within them healing properties. We are already familiar with some natural healing products other than flower essences produced from plants & their flowers such as herbal tinctures, Aura-Soma, homeopathics and essential oils. Fruits, nuts and vegetables are also available for our health and well-being.

How do Flowers Essences work?

As Flower Essences are ingested they are assimilated into the circulatory system and then into the nervous system where they connect with the life-force and consciousness of the subtle bodies, chakras and cellular structure of the physical body. In this way they influence mental and emotional states which in turn have an impact on the physical body allowing it to heal. Often there is also spiritual enhancement as a person connects more intimately with their inner self.

The biology of each flower has its own DNA coded patterning – like our own bodies do. So, when a flower essence is ingested, the DNA strands intertwine with the human biology’s DNA strands. New coded patterns are then downloaded into the human biology. Some of these new coded patterns will be accepted and others will not, depending on the receptiveness of a person to accept the changes.
This explains why flower essences are self-adjusting.

Flower Essences assist with the release of repressed memories held within the body from past experiences by allowing the letting go of set emotional patterns stored within a person’s DNA contained within the cellular structure of the human biology.

Are Nature's Flowers of Life flower essences safe to take?

Indeed they are. Flower Essences are vibrational medicines which are non-physical in nature and are therefore non-toxic. For this reason they are free from side effects and are self-adjusting to your individual needs. These essences can therefore safely be taken at the same time as other medications and/or healing modalities without negative effects. They are suitable for people of all ages, as well as for animals and plants.

What if I take an incorrect flower essence remedy or take too much?

Flower Essences will trigger only what you are ready to deal with, therefore they will never have adverse effects. Because they are self-adjusting to your individual needs they are harmless if more than the recommended dosage is taken. If it should occur that you feel overwhelmed whilst taking an essence blend it is recommended that you either reduce the number of doses per day, or take them on alternate days. 

How will Nature's Flowers of Life Essences impact on my life?

To heal the body we first must heal the deep-seated feelings that cause imbalances whether they be of a physical, emotional or mental nature. Our external pains and difficulties are always mirrors of inner pain and fears. Flower Essences stimulate your body’s innate capacity to harmonise and align the emotional and mental bodies in order to allow the body to heal.

As Flower Essence Remedies are absorbed into the body they trigger responses that assist with the release of repressed cellular memories thus offering opportunities for a person to step aside and see a situation from a different perspective. The outcome or level of these changes will directly be related to the receptiveness of the person using them.

Are Nature's Flowers of Life safe for children?

As mentioned previously, Flower Essences are harmless and self-adjusting in all situations so are therefore suitable for children and people of all ages. They are also suitable for our pets and at times for the plants in our gardens.

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How are Flower Essences prepared?

The preparation of Flower Essence Remedies is a simple process of steeping several blooms from the plant within distilled or clean spring water in the sun for several hours. During this process the flowers instill their essence into the liquid which is then preserved with a quantity of alcohol if it is to be kept for future use.

How to choose an appropriate remedy?

Ask for Solara’s assistance in choosing a selection of essences to be used as a personal essence blend or to choose an individual essences best suited to you.
Solara is able to tune into your Divine guidance to receive guidance to achieve this.

On this site you will find a list headed “Choose by Symptoms” which will give you a general idea of where to begin looking for the essences most suitable for your needs.  You can also choose from the Remedy Directory listings.

Using a pendulum or muscle testing can assist you to choose the most appropriate essences for yourself. Ask your personal guidance for help and you will be guided to choose.

What is the difference between a stock and a dose?

There are 3 different strengths of flower essences involved in the making process. The initial essence obtained from the process of steeping the flowers is referred to as the Mother Tincture, and from this a Stock Concentrate is diluted. The Stock concentrate is again diluted to obtain a Dose and this is what is used when creating a blend of essences. I use Brandy as the preserving alcohol.

How to take Flower Essences

Most of our Flower Essences are provided in 15ml brown dropper bottles as Stock concentrates. Several of our combination blends are provided as Dose strengths. It is recommended to administer 3-5 drops of the Stock strength essences under the tongue, and 7 drops of the Dose essences under the tongue.

Can I take more than one remedy at a time?

By combining several Flower Essence Remedies in one blend that is specifically designed for a person, we can offer threads of inter-connected coded patterns. This allows for several interrelated opportunities for change to occur. Whether a remedy contains one essence only or more than one will be determined by an individual’s needs and/or wishes. Some people may feel the urge to have a series of essence blends one after the other. Others prefer to work more slowly finding that one blend offers quite enough at one time to deal with. 

Why it's best to place the essence drops under the tongue

There are two glands under the tongue which will allow quick absorption of the essence into the body rather than first having to go through the digestive system. 

How long will it take before I notice results?

As each individual is different having lived lives with different experiences and backgrounds people tend to notice results differently. Some people will begin to notice results immediately whereas for others changes can be very subtle and not noticed until some time after the remedies have been taken. The coding process of Nature’s Flowers of Life essences will continue to work for some time after an essence has been finished – it doesn’t stop as soon as you stop taking them.

Is there an alternative to using alcohol?

Alcohol is used in the original process of making an essence in order to preserve it. If there is a problem with the alcohol, the drops can be diluted in a small amount of water instead of directly under the tongue. When requested I use Colloidal Silver to make up remedies  making them less alcoholic.

The amount of alcohol that remains in a dose is minimal.  The Mother Tincture is first diluted to produce a Stock concentrate.  From this just 7 drops are used to prepare a dose.  The recommended dosage of this is also 7 drops.   Only 3-5 drops are recommended to be taken if used directly from a stock concentrate.

As the  initial mother tincture contains alcohol,  there will always be a minuscule amount of alcohol in a remedy.

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