Heal your mind, body, and spirit with Flower Essences.

Flowers are the life-force of a plant being the bearers of fruits which eventually transform into the seed bearing form from which to grow more plants. Flower Essences carry the vibrational essence or consciousness of a plant within a system of DNA similar to that of human beings. It is this aspect within the flower that connects with the consciousness and DNA of a person ingesting an essence. The vibrational essence of the flowers is collected during the preparation of an essence.

It is my understanding that most plants could possibly carry within them healing properties. We are already familiar with some natural healing products other than flower essences produced from plants & their flowers such as herbal tinctures, Aura-Soma, homeopathics and essential oils. Fruits, nuts and vegetables are also available for our health and well-being.

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How do Flowers Essences work?

As Flower Essences are ingested they are assimilated into the circulatory system and then into the nervous system where they connect with the life-force and consciousness of the subtle bodies, chakras and cellular structure of the physical body. In this way they influence mental and emotional states which in turn have an impact on the physical body allowing it to heal.

There is often also spiritual enhancement as a person connects more intimately with their inner self.

Flower Essences assist with the release of repressed memories held within the body from past experiences by allowing the letting go of set emotional patterns stored within a person’s DNA contained within the cellular structure of the human biology.

Flower Directory

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Distance Healing

Distance healing is a form of energy vibrations being communicated through the Universal Energy Field.


A creative hands-on experience in Flower Essence Remedy Making and vibrational energies.

For Your Pet

Pets respond well to Flower Essence Remedies and results can often be seen within a few days.

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Flower Essences for your needs

As you flow along life’s path, your challenges and emotional needs may change from day to day, or from week to week. From a broader perspective, you may be constantly sorting through specific situations, emotions and challenges in your life.