Being in Joy, Gratitude and Playfulness

Being in joy, gratitude, and playfulness

Each of us has our own unique flaws. We’re all cracked pots. But it’s the cracks and flaws we each have that make our lives together so very interesting and rewarding. You’ve just got to take each person for what they are and look for the good in them. (Author unknown)

The age-old saying that we need to “stop to smell the roses” is indeed very relevant in these times of fast movement and busyness. In allowing yourself the time to be in the present moment with gratitude, you automatically create joy, and through that arises an inner playfulness. It is important for us to allow the inner child to play. I often find myself making little jokes and giggling within myself. As a silent self- indulging comedian I find this to be uplifting and joyful. In being grateful for all aspects of your life you open your heart enough to bring in joy and peace.

The Little Flannel flower is for addressing the child within, helping to engender carefree and spontaneous joy and playfulness. It assists adults in losing some of their inhibitions allowing them to play, enjoy themselves and have fun. It is also appropriate to assist children who may have had a lot of seriousness around them. Our “new age” children are inclined to be more sensitive than we of older generations, and therefore this essence would be of great support for them.

Grevillea is sunny, joyful and playful. For honouring others for their choices in life without judgement. For patience and inner peace in times of imminent changes.

It would benefit everyone to regularly take the time to walk – without mobile phones or music in their ears – not for exercise alone, but so as to enjoy experiencing the feeling, hearing and seeing nature and life that’s happening around them. Such things like the sound of the breeze rustling through the grasses and trees, or feeling it brushing through your hair. To hear the birds singing – especially early in the morning, and at evening “chatter” time. To see the sun rising, or setting; to watch the changing shapes of clouds – which can be so amazing, often resembling things like animals, birds or ships. To watch and listen to the sound of the ocean waves breaking onto the beach, and the smell of the salt air – or to feel the serenity that still waters have to offer. To see the beauty in the trees and flowers, and feel their energies. These things and many, many more we can appreciate and offer gratitude for their contribution, and the experience of them. You’d be amazed how these things can bring effervescent bubbles of joy, and peace into your life.

Blue Water Lily will assist you in awakening to the sacredness within the self, as well as with the sacredness of all aspects of life, and the gifts it has to offer. It engenders gratitude as these gifts become more apparent.

Black-Eyed Susan helps people to slow down, turn inwards and find the still centre within themselves, where they will find calmness and inner guidance.

Our Souls guide us to experiences that they would like us to grow & learn from, so by keeping this in mind makes it easier to experience with gratitude rather than from a victim “why me” attitude, thus allowing life to flow more easily and smoothly through difficult situations. Within every situation, there can be something to be learned. By changing your perception and looking for the opportunity of learning something, allows you to be grateful. Situations then appear to be much simpler and lighter and it is then that the challenging aspects of situations can begin to dissolve. It is often our reactions to challenges rather than the challenges themselves that create additional complications. By taking the time to “step back” a little you allow your energy to detach enough to see with more clarity, thus allowing you to move on more easily – with grace and gratitude!

Indian Coral Tree allows you to gently step aside from turmoil or difficult challenges. It helps provide clarity to see situations from a different point of view.

Apricot essence also assists in the process of stepping back when in a state of turmoil, so as to observe a situation as if separate from it.

Being in Gratitude allows ‘doors’ to your heart to open to the Universal energies – which in turn provides you with energy. What you give out you get back! Being in gratitude places you in energy space of Light, and your inner Light shines out to all those around you and is visibly seen by the Angelic realms. We touch many people during our daily activities, whether we are walking the streets, shopping, working or playing – especially when we are radiating energies of gratitude and joy. In this way, we share our joy consciously or unconsciously.