Blessed Rivers of Love

Blessed rivers of love - Flower Essences & Remedies - Flowers for Healing

In recent times I was given the following visualisation: In this visualisation these rivers resembled golden rivers of light criss-crossing in, through and around the planet.

There is a river of love flowing and growing throughout humanity, winding its way from heart to heart and from being to being. It widens and stretches, enveloping everyone and everything along its path. It is threading its way to create new channels of love as it continues to reach more and more people and outreaches of the planet. It touches the animals and insects, the birds and the rocks. It touches all and sundry as its branches grow ever wider and more intricate – similar to that of a spiders web.

Like the branches of a tree that begin from the central trunk, these energies flow outwards, first appearing as narrow threads. But no sooner do these narrow tributaries appear they continue to grow further and widen yet again as the energies flow. These branches of love are never-ending as they flow connecting and joining with others to create yet more branches. These rivers of love widen and flow gently gathering strength and speed.

This process also occurs within the molecules of the physical waters of the Earth. Each of these molecules of water carries within them this love originating from the Source of all life, flowing around and throughout the planet’s body, as well as our own bodies. As the waters of the earth evaporate into the air these molecules of love are blown with the winds. They are thus able to reach even further across the planet as they fall from the sky as rain, mist or snow. Not one aspect of this beautiful planet Earth misses out on these rivers and molecules of love. It is up to each of us to assist by consciously joining in with the flow.

We do not see this process occurring with our physical eyes, yet many have awakened to the energies and are able to visualise or feel the process. When we trust this inner knowing and walk steadfastly on within this knowledge, we are able to transcend all kinds of diversities that may attempt to block our paths forward. As we let go of old “baggage” and beliefs to be dissolve within the rivers of love, we begin to shine and radiate our love out ever further, ever more brightly.

Can you visualise it flowing out from your very fingertips? From the hearts and souls of the many? From every footstep that you take upon our beloved Earth, filling her being with your love as you go? We are all entwined within this river of love consciously or unconsciously.

Flow forwards my beloved friends – hand in hand, heart in the heart – we are strong and we are the beacons of light for this world we live in. Allow your love to expand beyond this planet and throughout the universe.

Blessings and love to all,

Solara Zwaneveld