Clearing Your Ancestral Cellular Energies

Clearing your ancestral cellular energies

When we hold hands in peace we support one another with acceptance, helping to create the new “Golden Age of Peace” – we are all ONE with our brothers and sisters as well as with our Planet and all of her lifeforms.

NOW is the time to be conscientiously clearing the ancestral energies from your physical body so that you can allow balancing and raising of vibrations to a higher frequency to occur. You are created in Love and therefore you are Love – a spark of the Divine essence of the Source of All That Is. Your pure true essence is your inner Spirit Self, not your physical body. Yucca Flower

We all have had many challenges and experiences within our many lifetimes. During other lifetimes we have most likely been hurt physically and emotionally many times. We, in turn, will also have had experiences where we have hurt others physically or emotionally. Our conscious minds may not choose to remember past events, but our bodies never forget – and our bodies do not lie.

Sometimes in life, we may feel trapped and unable to express or act on our own choices and desires in life. It is as if we are held in bondage due to our feelings of responsibility towards loved ones, peers or employers. These underlying feelings of discontent may begin to grow deep within us and gradually start to bubble up towards the surface of our emotions. We may feel that if we don’t soon find a solution then our inner volcano is likely to erupt. Dagger Hakea

We all carry repressed cellular memories held within the body from our past experiences and those passed down through our ancestors. Across the ages, through many generations and lifetimes, there have been expectations and conditioning passed down not only from family to family but also from country to country. History shows much such conditioning, often resulting in wars and family feuds. Chilli

Physical health depends greatly on the energy generated by thoughts and feelings. To heal the body you first must heal the deep-seated feelings that cause the disturbances. Your external pains and difficulties are always mirrors of inner pain and fears. The people in your life also mirror to one another, in that what you dislike or disapprove of another reflects what you dislike or disapprove of within yourself. It is often difficult to accept this as we mostly hide these dislikes which may have been taken on board early in life by parents, carers, peers or teachers. You take on an acceptable mask in life to hide behind, hiding those things that you find unacceptable or are ashamed of. We can carry such feelings as guilt, fear, blame, resentment and shame, all of which block us from raising our vibrations to living with more ease and grace. Lotus Flower

To assist us in helping clear energetic memory patterns carried within our cellular memories from our ancestral lineages, as well as those from this lifetime, is the process of forgiveness. These energetic memory patterns can have an effect on our perception of situations, and the reception of things said, thus causing repetition of challenging situations. These memory patterns may be associated with major or minor situations but can affect us all the same.

“The power of forgiveness goes far beyond any other healing method because true forgiveness not only releases you from bonds of the past, but it frees up your heart for more compassion and love. And love is the most healing energy there is!” (Kuan Yin through Antera on 31/12/09)

I was guided to create a very powerful process of “Forgiveness Across the Ages” which is available on request.

There is also the Hawaiian Ho’oponopono method which is an excellent process for everyday living.

Flower Essences stimulate your body’s innate capacity to harmonise and align the emotional and mental bodies in order to allow the body to heal. They offer opportunities to strengthen your personal empowerment and address what is out of balance in your life. These essences gently address daily challenges such as stress, anger, grief, self-worth, abundance, and relationships. They are lovingly prepared to bring about positive, effective changes within every aspect of your daily life — physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

I invite you to visit my website to see the many essences available to assist you in clearing your old deep-seated memories and patterns, allowing you to create a more flowing journey of life with grace and ease.

Personal Essence Combinations – By tuning into your Higher Self I can select an essence blend that would best assist you in easing through challenges, offering upliftment and clarity.
Sending me a brief outline of what it is that you’re wishing to change in your life will assist in setting your intention for change so that the essences can more efficiently guide you towards positive changes and new directions.

Providing your date of birth will assist us with tuning into who you are. For more details go to Personal Essence Combination