Creating Confidence and Freedom from Stress & Anxiety

Creating confidence and freedom from stress and anxiety

Flower Essence Remedies offer a gentle and natural way of balancing, transforming and releasing pain, stress and anxieties. Physical health depends greatly on the energy generated by our thoughts and feelings. To heal the body we first must heal deep-seated feelings that may be the cause of imbalances which create stress, anxiety and/or dis-ease. Our external pains and difficulties are always mirrors of our inner pain and fears which may have been taken on board from life’s experiences, past lifetimes or through our ancestral lineages.

Flower Essences can help dispel old belief systems and fears, assisting you with becoming aware of your innermost feelings. This awareness offers opportunities for you to gain confidence and strengthen your personal empowerment as you become more balanced and in alignment with who you are within all aspects of yourself – physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual. In so doing you assist the life-force and consciousness of your physical biology to correct itself creating renewed health and vitality.

When Flower Essences are absorbed into the body, they trigger responses offering opportunities for a person to step aside and look with different perspectives. Patterns of coded DNA strands contained within plants are transferred into Flower Essences during the preparation process. When ingested these coded patterns overlay that of the human biology’s DNA, some or all of which are then downloaded into the human biology according to the receptiveness of a person to accept change.

By choosing a Personal Combination essence especially selected for you, you are able to assist in transforming stress and anxiety in your life.