Creating Freedom and Peace Within

Creating freedom and peace within

Your true nature is like a delicate flower that has been hidden from view beneath many layers of life experiences/karma until we learn how to break through the hard outer bud of our karmic habits and behaviours forced on us from our environment throughout the generations and lifetimes.

All of our inner gifts and abilities lie within us, beneath our outer personality, ready and waiting for us to bring them to the surface.

The energies of today are ALL ABOUT PEACE and about FREEDOM!!! Once we each find the courage to express who we really are – and allow others to do so also – then will we find peace within. With this then, an inner freedom from the expectations of society and those around us will prevail. And…the more of us who find this peace within, the more these energies will reflect and flow out to others. This is the way towards global peace – person by person, step by step.

Within this Peace and Freedom lies joy. Joy is an expression of Source that exists hand-in-hand with Divine Love, for this is who you really are on the deepest level – Divine love, peace and joy!

The Grevillea Flower Essence is a beautiful Australian Native flower which provides the properties of joy and playfulness; tranquillity and balance whilst embracing your inner beauty and magnificence. It was prepared with a Rose Quartz crystal enhancing the energies of this essence.

It offers courage, strength and perseverance and helps one to remember that life is a journey of experiences to be enjoyed, not laboured. It helps lift one’s spirits allowing the inner child to play once more.

Grevillea essence helps us to remember that we cannot know what lies within another person; beneath the surface of how they present themselves to the outer world. We cannot know the history of life experiences that have shaped a person’s character. Therefore we do not have the right to judge another for their life choices, for we cannot know their innermost traits.

A combination of Grevillea and Jasper flower essences can assist you to feel more joy and playfulness, as well as tranquillity and balance in your life through embracing your own inner beauty and magnificence.

The Peace Lily essence helps heal wounds of the heart. It has a soft, gentle energy that is nurturing, while at the same time offering strength in times when you may be feeling low in energy. It helps bring ease and grace to help carry you through life’s struggles.