Detoxing Naturally with Flower Essence Remedies

Detoxing naturally with flower essence remedies

Flower Essence Remedies can play an important role in being supportive in assisting the body to eliminate toxins naturally.

Nature Flowers of LifeTM has created Detox Essence which is a mix of 7 flower essences. It can play an important role in supporting and assisting the body in eliminating toxins (and some parasites) naturally, particularly from the liver. It aids in tissue regeneration and in energising and strengthening the heart and crown chakras, pineal gland, liver and spleen.

Detox Essence is particularly useful to reduce the amount of radiation being absorbed when taken before and after X-rays – even after long periods of time after exposure has occurred.

Anyone who is undergoing radiation and chemotherapy treatments for cancer would do well to consider taking Detox Essence throughout the treatments. Testimonials have been received that side effects experienced such as nausea, mouth ulcers and constipation were minimal in comparison to most patients whilst being supported by Detox Essence. It can also assist with reducing the amount of burning suffered by radiation as well as reducing the amount of emotional stress associated with these treatments.

In today’s world, we are continually being bombarded with electromagnetic radiation from electrical devices that surround us such as Wi-Fi, computers, mobile phones and lighting. Excessive exposure to electromagnetic radiation can create headaches, dizziness, nausea, irregular heartbeat, loss of memory or muscle pains.

A daily dose of Detox Essence would be greatly beneficial when you may have or are being exposed to excessive electromagnetic fields. It has a calming effect and helps instil courage and confidence.