Falling in Love with Yourself

Falling in love with yourself - Flower Essences & Remedies - Flowers for Healing

In the earlier years of our lives (and possibly also in many of our past lives) we were most often taught that to love oneself is selfish and that we should love others rather than ourselves. BUT, times are changing with the renewed awareness of the ONEness of all. We are beginning to realise that it is most important to start loving the self so that we can more easily reach out and hold hands with all of humanity and life forms in love.

It is time now for releasing old energies of pain and patterns of thinking that have been accumulating within all aspects of your physical beingness. It is time to revert to being the love that you are. This love is your birthright as we are all direct family descendants from God/Source, carrying that spark of unconditional love within our hearts. So, learning to love oneself is a MAJOR step towards reconnecting with your inner God-self, and as you do so you are helping to bring this planet back to love and peace – person by person, community by community; country by country.

When you are in discomfort or are feeling disillusioned with your life or with yourself, be gentle with yourself and find a way to nurture your mind, body and spirit so that you can be the very best example of love and caring.

Recently in meditation, I was given the following beautiful and simple process to assist in bringing us back to love.

Imagine a large container of your own choosing and colour in front of you.
This container is filled with liquid love which could look like sparkling golden light or whatever colours you feel you’d like to envision. The colours may change from day to day – just allow whatever is given.
Notice that there is a large ladle hanging on the side of this container for your convenience. Now dip your ladle into this liquid love and pour it over yourself, seeing it fill your body and aura and envision it changing your vibration back to love, and uplifting your spirit.
With each ladle of liquid love that you pour over yourself say the words
“I love myself” and “I love who I am”.
FEEL the love vibrating through you and SMILE as you re-connect with the energies of it.

Love Poem

by Solara

Love flows through your fingers
Love flows through your toes
Love flows through your heart and through your mind Love flows through your words ALL of the time.

May Peace be with you

The following selection of flower essence remedies may be appropriate to assist you on your life’s journey with regard to loving yourself. There are many other remedies from which to choose – or I could assist by tuning in to choose a personal combination blend of essences for you.

Albertine Rose

Ascension Rose

Blue Water Lily

Onion Weed