Forgiveness – Healing for the Soul

Forgiveness healing for the soul - Flower Essences & Remedies - Flowers for Healing

Forgiveness is a true path to freedom from wounds of the past. It can renew faith, build trust and nourish the soul. It is a powerful tool that can liberate minds and hearts that are being held captive by anger, bitterness, resentment, guilt or fear. It allows you to learn to live with more love; gain new clarity on your life and blessings; and discover new levels of personal freedom, peace and wellbeing?

Forgiveness doesn’t necessarily mean agreeing with, condoning, or even liking particular life situations, but rather it means letting go of toxic energies, regardless of how challenging, frightening or difficult experiences may seem. Those very experiences offer opportunities for you to grow and learn. Therefore healing happens when we reverse negative energetic components into an appreciation for the experiences.

At times people may feel trapped in stagnant romantic, family or workplace relationships or feel weighed down by toxic thoughts and emotions. Often we can be quick to judge and slow to pardon, or dwell on memories of what we or others did – or failed to do.

In situations when someone loses a loved one in the process of death (or separation) their heart can feel like it has been shattered into many pieces. Sometimes along with the pain, there may arise anger or resentments for their passing – or even with God for allowing them to be taken. In these times you may need to dig deep to find forgiveness and peace, seeing beyond the wounds in order to pick up the pieces. You first need to be willing and have the courage to heal and be ready to be whole again.

Forgiveness first begins with YOU – it is important to forgive yourself for your part in all situations. This morning I was given a process that you may like to use to assist with forgiveness.

1)  Prepare a list of emotions and situations in your life for which you’d like to achieve forgiveness.

2)  Visualize or imagine a large golden chalice filled with golden liquid, like a cup of transmutation.

3)  Ask Archangel Michael to stand at one side of this chalice and Archangel Raphael on another. Ask for their assistance in whatever way feels right for you.

4)  One by one begin to place each of those situations and the emotions attached to them, into the golden elixir held within the chalice to be transmuted, offering words from within your heart and giving thanks for the life experiences and lessons. Allow the love energies to flow back to you as you let go.

5)  You may even feel as if you’d like to jump fully into the chalice to be cleansed and renewed.

Trust in the process – take your time over a period of days or weeks if needed. Repeat as often as necessary until it feels complete.

If you’re interested in working with forgiveness for clearing your journeys from the beginning of time, across all dimensions and timelines, please contact me and I will send you my “Forgiveness Across the Ages” process.