Healing Your Soul’s Journey

Healing your soul's journey - Flower Essences & Remedies - Flowers for Healing

Healing Your Soul’s Journey

We’ve all had experiences in past lifetimes which may have left ingrained fears and old out-dated beliefs remaining within our DNA and cellular bodies.  Now is the time to let go of those old patterns and fears. They hold you back on your journey back to re-discovering and re-connecting with your God/Goddess self and to find renewed joy that this Earthly existence has to offer you. We are blessed that in today’s world that there are such a varied number of modalities and paths to support us on our journey of discovery and healing.

This journey that you are on within your human vehicle of biology was always meant to be a joyful journey of discovery just so you could find yourself again. Most of humanity has become lost in the duality of experiences on Earth throughout their many lifetimes, forgetting their Divine aspects of love and joy that they are always connected with. It is so exciting to see the growing number of people who are beginning to tap into their Infinite Self. There is no need to explain or justify your existence or to feel obligated to being anything other than just YOU and to express your uniqueness and allow others to do the same.

As you journey towards discovering lighter, higher vibrational energies you begin to see, feel and re- discover the Infinite aspects of yourself and of the earth and all her inhabitants. You begin to understand how each and every one of us is on our own journey of discovery irrespective of what they’ve chosen to experience. There is no such thing as good or bad, right or wrong – everything just IS and we are all connected as ONE in the Universe.

Soul Healing is a Flower Essence blend designed to assist with healing at Soul level.  You may have chosen to fragment or split an aspect of yourself from your physical, emotional and mental awareness to avoid the full impact of pain from past experiences.  Such splits can originate from present or past lifetimes.  This blend of flower essences has the ability to assist in retrieving and healing split aspects of the Soul, thus reversing dysfunctional patterns and re-balancing your life on all levels.