Letting Go Past Hurts & Rebuilding Self Worth

Letting go past hurts and rebuilding self worth

From the moment of birth we gather emotional patterns through our experiences, leaving iwmprints within our cellular system which in turn create our belief systems. These beliefs are also carried through from past life experiences and family lineages.

Our positive life experiences are counterbalanced by less positive experiences, both of which we need to experience so as to understand the ones by which we wish to live our lives.

Only a very small portion of our consciousness exists within our physical bodies, the greater portion remaining in Spirit as our constant guidance system or Higher Selves. We are being motivated to let go those beliefs and emotions that no longer serve us and to choose those that do.

Letting go is to fear less and love more. Letting go does not mean to stop caring but allowing others the freedom to choose their own destinies and dreams – to support without criticism or judgement. Letting go past hurts with forgiveness – of SELF as well as of others, releases guilt and low self-esteem and creates inner freedom.

Flower Essences offer gentle but powerful assistance to a whole range of emotional beliefs & patterns, supporting and helping change and re-directing your life in more positive ways.

By choosing a Personal Combination essence especially selected for you, you are able to assist in building your strengthening your personal boundaries and self-worth.