Love Is All there Is

Love is all there is - Flower Essences & Remedies - Flowers for Healing

When these words were given to me at the very beginning of my journey of discovery of self, little did I know then the significance and power of that small word would have in my life.

As your journey towards the Mastery of Self is now well underway, the significance of truly loving yourself and standing in the truth of who you become more apparent. It is time to let go of those outdated fear-based emotions of self-judgement, guilt and limitations which have been taken on board throughout your many lifetimes.

To become a Master of Self you must focus on your Sacred Heart in order to re-connect with the Divine Love spark that lies within. This Divine sparklies deep within each person’s heart centre and has never been extinguished. This ensured that when the timing was right you would remember to turn inward to re-ignite that spark to once again to become a flame of Divine Love.

Now is the time to reclaim your Divine Birthright and self-mastery which includes many gifts, virtues and attributes. By connecting with your Higher Self and Soul family you will have access to the cosmic wisdom and truth of who you are. In becoming a living personified example of love, harmony, abundance and joy, these attributes also ripple out to the world around you.

The Heart Chakra Flower Essence assists with Forgiveness, Compassion, Understanding, Group consciousness & Peace. It impacts on the Heart, lungs, immune system, thymus, lymph, vagus nerve and circulation.