Chilli Flower Essence

(Capsicum fasciculatum)


The Chilli Flower Essence was prepared with a Lapis Lazuli crystal

Healing Properties
* Strength of mind
* Clarity & Serenity
* Unlocking & releasing cellular memories
* Acceptance of self
* Merging with your Divine essence

The Chilli Flower Essence represents new beginnings – with a kick-start, due to the powerful but gentle heat the fruit holds within its flesh. When ingested as an essence this “heat” is transferred to the physical biology offering an opportunity to awaken from a slumber associated with underlying emotions.

Experiences of the past are also carried down through our ancestry throughout the generations. These experiences will have created the building of an ecosystem of protective layers within the cells and tissues, locking the symptoms of experiences within them. If not unlocked, depletion of the body’s energy field may occur and alter its chemistry. These memories are also buried deep within your psyche, and continue to be carried from lifetime to lifetime.

As the energies of the Chilli Flower Essence flow through your body, spark-like energy bursts are expelled. A gentle heat is produced in this way, having the ability to gently melt or burn through these protective layers, triggering cell dams to allow the release of locked-in memories. There is also a receptor aspect to these energies that collects the released energies and carries them off for transmutation. This may not necessarily be a conscious process although the physical body may experience some discomfort in the form of aches and pains, flushes or flu-type symptoms.

Using affirmations with the Chilli flower essence benefits and supports the releasing process, by strengthening and embedding Intent for the transmutation to take place.

I now release and transmute to light all of my past experiences held within
I am free to move forward to merge with my Divine I AM Presence

Lapis Lazuli
A stone of total awareness – helping expand awareness & intellectual capacity * Provides objectivity, clarity & mental endurance during release of emotional bondage * Helps diminish locked in, smouldering memories which lead to dis-ease * Helps overcome depression & enhance states of serenity & self-acceptance * For disorders of throat, bone marrow, thymus & immune system * Assists in balancing male-female attributes, and yin-yang energies of this plane

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