Flannel Flower Flower Essence

(Actinotus helianthi)


Flannel Flower is an Australian Native Flower

The Flannel Flower Essence was prepared with a Malachite crystal

Healing Properties
* Confidence in being touched
* Open expression of personal needs and feelings
* Safe boundaries for gentleness and sensuality

Flannel Flower Flower Essence will greatly benefit people who do not feel safe to be touched or to express themselves verbally. They may have experienced abuse or trauma in their lives which prevents them from trusting and feeling safe. As all people are in need of loving and tenderness, inwardly these people long to be touched but aren’t able to feel safe when they are. This flower essence assists them in accepting and loving themselves as well.

Flannel Flower Essence assists in developing strong, healthy boundaries and sensitivity. This is an essence that would benefit those men who often find it difficult to express their feelings or sensitivity. It would benefit both men and women who have been mentally, verbally or sexually abused, supporting them in creating boundaries and gaining trust once again.

The Flannel Flower essence offers the inner confidence to step out from tightly guarding your inner pain. It allows you to “open your wings” and prepare to take flight – a little at a time. In so doing you begin to gain the courage and confidence it takes to allow you to enjoy physical contact and sensuality and to verbally express your needs and wishes. Physical activities such as sport or dancing may also be enhanced through taking this flower essence as your expanded safe boundaries allows you to feel more confident within groups of people.

This lovely white flower is as soft as velvet to touch, as the name implies. What appear to be the petals are actually 10 petal-like bracts encircling tightly packed small flowers within its centre. The Doctrine of Signatures of this reflects the qualities of the Flannel Flower’s essence in having the ability to support a person’s inability for open expression. The velvety soft bracts are like a circle of rays of hope and openness – soft and safe.

The Latin botanical names of this flower have interesting and rather lovely meanings. Actinatus means “in the form of rays” and helianthi means “like a sunflower”. Both of these names reflect the qualities of the Flannel Flower essence as mentioned above.

The Mental Health Council of Australia has chosen this flower as their emblem, referring to its resilience and ability to adapt to change.

The Malachite crystal within this flower essence enhances the healing qualities of this essence by aiding in releasing unconscious negative experiences and stimulating instinctive and intuitive reasoning.

I am confident in expressing my feelings
I enjoy physical contact, sensitivity and sensuality

Malachite: A stone of transformation assisting in changing situations, and for the transfer of sacred information leading to spiritual evolution* Assists in clearing & activating all chakras as well as stimulating the heart & throat chakras * Clarifying emotions & the cause of specific conditions, e.g. disorders of body, mind & spirit * Releases unconscious negative experiences * Is an equalising and balancing agent * Stimulates instinctive & intuitive reasoning

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