(JASMINE polyanthum)



* Regulation of bronchial and nasal mucous

* Balancing the digestive tract

* Protein absorption

* Unloading past burdens to live in the now


The Jasmine essence stimulates the God/Goddess spark that resides within the heart chakra. It is for living in the NOW and it will help unload the burdens of the past, leaving them behind.

The effect of this essence may bring memories of past experiences to consciousness. It would be a useful practice to place any arising memories within a bubble and hand them over to the universe with love and gratitude for the lessons they have taught you. You no longer need these memories and this intention/action will help clear the path for you to move forward.

(**) Jasmine essence has the ability to clear the nasal passages, sinuses, throat and lungs, as well as regulating mucous in the system. It assists with easing problems associated with mucous imbalances such as the common cold and lung congestion, especially during pneumonia. It can also assist in improving the sense of smell.

This essence assists with dissolving and discharging viruses, eliminating excessive acidity, and removing stored toxins from the digestive tract, particularly the colon.

Imbalances associated with the assimilation of protein such as Hypoglycaemia, can be treated with this remedy. Mucous is often a rejection of too much protein in the system.

This essence is good for some vegetarians, especially those who eat only raw foods, as there can then on occasion, be problems with properly absorbing protein into the system.


I release memories of past experiences with love and gratitude, clearing the path ahead of me

I live totally in the NOW

(**) “Flower Essences & Vibrational Healing” by Gurudas



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