The Perfection of You within the Consciousness of Your Heart

The perfection of you within the consciousness of your heart

Do you realise that your heart is much, much more than just a pump to circulate your blood and nutrients around the body? Your heart is the consciousness that controls your mind although we have over time allowed the mind to more often rule the heart. The heart is the seat of the immortal threefold flame being our connection with the Creator and helps sustain our physical life as a sacred trinity of love, wisdom and power. This threefold flame is placed within your heart at birth and consists of a blue plume of divine power, faith and goodwill; a golden yellow plume of divine wisdom; and a soft pink plume of divine love and creativity.

When you allow the heart to do the decision-making and the mind to take the required action, you will find that feel-good decisions and win-win situations are made. Your Love/Light has the ability to radiate far-reaching distances, touching all in its wake, and many can be altered by this on levels that they may not even be aware of.

We are constantly being reminded of being much more powerful than we’re aware of and this is because the heart has the ability to transform situations that need to be transmuted. By beaming your wondrous Love/Light with the loving intention you become an alchemist, a transformer and transmuter. You, therefore, have the power/inner strength to make great changes from a more expanded perspective being more able to give hope to people and situations where there are victims, whilst remaining separate from the situations themselves.

The Albertine Rose essence is for opening the heart to the understanding and acceptance of Unconditional Love, not only for all of humanity, but for ALL life forms that are a part of this planet, and for the Earth herself – as we all originate from the ONE source.

There is a need for humanity to accept and love themselves unconditionally before this process can expand fully throughout the planet. If you do not have the understanding within yourself, then it is not possible to fully extend this out to others. The process of extending love, compassion and peace across the planet begins within each individual, and it “snowballs” out from there.

With the energy of Mother Mary assisting you this remedy gently aids the opening of the heart, allowing the rose of Unconditional Love to unfold within your heart and through your entire being.

Ascension is a term given to the process of raising the consciousness and vibrations of this planet and all that is a part of it, to more expanded frequencies. The Ascension Rose essence supports you in finding the confidence to stand strong in your own authority and the truth of who you are. It assists you in trusting that your journey is supported by your Guides, Teachers and the more expanded Realms of Light – as has always been the case throughout your various lifetimes and experiences.

As a rose opens from the bud and unfurls its layers of petals to the Light, it exposes its inner beauty. We unfurl similarly as we grow, expand and remember the beauty that lies within, each person being as beautiful as a rose regardless of what they have chosen to experience in their lives.

The beloved Ascension Rose signifies purity and perfection. You already are perfection although this may appear to be what you have been striving to achieve as you walk your earthly life. There is perfection in all imperfections and it is important for us to learn to love all stages of our individually chosen paths. You should not look for perfection in the physical as this is but an illusion. The Ascension Rose essence will remind you of this so that you may walk lightly in Love and Joy.

The Blue Water Lily essence offers the gift of awakening not only to the sacredness of water but to all aspects of life upon Earth. This awakening thus opens you to the sacredness within the self; that of the body, mind, the spirit and the soul. The gift of life within you and the gifts of life all around you that form this wondrous planet is brought to Light by ingesting the Blue Water Lily essence.

The Blue Water Lily essence calms the mind and the emotions, especially where there is turmoil or disruptive energies around. In keeping the energies calm, it allows for openness and clarity to finding solutions.