Apricot Flower Essence

(Prunus Armeniaca)


The Apricot Flower Essence was prepared with a clear quartz crystal.

Healing Properties
* Eases seasonal transitions and inner turmoil
* Alleviates cancerous tumours and relieves gall bladder stones
* Strengthens pancreas and adjusts sugar imbalances

(The Apricot flower speaks) Life bursts forth when the winds of change blow away the clouds of inner turmoil, clearing the way for clarity and understanding

The Apricot Flower Essence assists in the process of stepping back when in a state of turmoil, so as to observe a situation as if separate from it. Only then can clarity prevail. Let go, let God, as the age old saying goes, for only in letting go of trying to control circumstances has clarity the ability to surface from your inner wisdom.

The Apricot Flower Essence assists in the bridging of seasons. Those people who have difficulty in coping with the changing of seasons or have a tendency to become depressed at these times will find this essence beneficial. It would be beneficial to take the essence throughout the last month of a season to prepare for the oncoming changes.

“Apricot flower essence also helps purify parts of the body or secondary organs or glands such as appendix (when not in an acute stage). It helps alleviate cancerous tumours and relieve gall bladder stones and crystals, especially when they are lodged in the muscles. It is also helpful for inflammations associated with the above symptoms. (**)

“Apricot flower essence helps adjust sugar imbalances and strengthen the pancreas by changing one form of sugar to another – glucose distribution and blood sugar regulation. It modifies extreme patterns of high or low blood sugar levels and eases moodiness of hypoglycemia and diabetes. (**)

“Apricot flower essence assists with controlling weight due to fatty tissue and blood sugar influences, as well as helping to develop women’s breasts and strengthening fatty tissue in the buttocks. (**)

“Apricot flower essence helps relieve stress in the kidneys and elimination tissues which may also produce allergies and toxemia. (**)

I hand over control of my circumstances to God/Goddess Source
I embrace seasonal changes with joy and ease

Clear Quartz is an emotional balancer * Stimulates brain functions and amplifies thought forms * Receives, activates, stores, transmits and amplifies energy * Enhances inter-dimensional communication and communication with Higher Self and Spirit Guides.

(**)”Flower Essences & Vibrational Healing” by Gurudas

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