Sol-umbra Cream


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For the rejuvenation of sun-damaged skin

This gentle skin cream contains a unique combination of Flower Essences, including that of the Aloe Vera. The cream base is a blend of all-natural ingredients, creating a soothing moisturising cream for the whole body.

Sol-Umbra assists with the prevention and rejuvenation of sun-induced skin problems by drawing out stored ultra-violet radiation from past sun exposure.

For use with all sensitive skin types as there are no perfumes or aromas other than rose water.  Rosemary extract is added as a natural preservative.

Sol-Umbra’s formulation is ideal for soothing Sunburn relief, and for further problem prevention. It also relieves sun-induced keratosis, dry or scabby skin, and abrasions.

Sol-Umbra has been known to completely heal some darkened, blistered, sun-induced keratosis – without scarring.

Due to its natural formulation, MAXIMUM benefits are experienced after 2-3 months.

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