Childbearing Flower Essence


Childbearing Flower Essence blend was prepared with a Rose Quartz egg crystal

Healing Properties
* Infertility
* Pregnancy

The Childbearing Flower Essence blend can be taken where there is a desire to fall pregnant and/or when there has been a family history of miscarriage or infertility. Several of the essences in this blend were prepared with an egg-shaped Rose Quartz crystal, the vibration of which permeates and enhances the essences with regard to fertility.

With today’s busy lifestyles and pursuits there may be a draining or lack of energy created within the base chakra that stresses basic sexual instincts. The energies of the inclusion of the  Cyclamen flower essence calms the mind and allows this calmness to resonate throughout the body – to be calm and clear-headed.

The inclusion of Hibiscus flower Essence within this combination blend of essences will help reset the body’s default settings and bring things back to basics. Hibiscus Essence holds the energy of the Goddess which has the ability to assist in the creation of healthy reproductive hormones.

Sometimes there may be either unconscious or conscious feelings of guilt around choosing whether or not to bear children – or in being unable to do so. These choices are often made before coming into incarnation. Acceptance of these choices allows the body to relax into letting go all resistances.

Those underlying resistances may at times cause endometriosis cells to spread out beyond their normal confines within the body. The Bougainvillea flower essence included in this blend targets endometriosis symptoms.

The She Oak flower essence included in this blend has the ability to balance the body and emotions with regard to reproductive hormones to assist with pregnancy.

This combination can also assist in soothing mother/daughter relationships where there may be fertility-related issues

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