Cooktown Orchid Flower Essence

(ORCHIDEAE Dendrobium Bigibbum)


Cooktown Orchid is an Australian Native Orchid

The Cooktown Orchid Flower Essence was prepared with an amethyst crystal placed within a ring of Snow Quartz

Healing Properties
* Eases personal and planetary transitions
* Softens brash attitudes and fixed ideas
* Engenders gentle, loving masculine energies

Cooktown Orchid Flower Essence softens brash attitudes and fixed ideas and is especially applicable for our inner male aspects which may find it difficult to connect with the softer side of our nature. This flower essence engenders a gentle masculine energy that is clear, supportive, loving, strong and responsible. It works with the heart energies, allowing feelings of calm serenity to overstep the need for remaining emotionally courageous or protective.

The true language of the heart is Unconditional Love, Compassion and Gratitude. It is possible to express anger with compassion and love, without the destructive force of unmediated emotion. Within the “crusty”, protective shell surrounding a person’s heart can be found pure beauty, softness and peace. The Cooktown Orchid flower essence has the ability to assist in transforming a new, softer kind of masculinity for humanity.

The energies on the earth at this time are changing dramatically. As old energies are being released there are faster, more expanded vibrating ones coming in to replace the old. These changing energies are impacting on human beings, as well as on animals and other life forms. Many people are finding that these energies are tiring them. Some experience exhaustion as their bodies, energies and activities speed up.

Although this flower essence remedy was prepared in March I was asked to place it in the moonlight of the August full moon before it could reach its full potential. The August full moon energies activated a balance of the Divine Feminine energies of Isis (the Great Mother) and the Divine Masculine energies (the Sun) of Osiris. These energies represent a perfect balance of passion and creativity. The remedy was out during a Blood moon Lunar Eclipse which provided aspects of these very special energies.

Our Earth Mother’s energy also provides support, nurturing and sustenance embraced in love with this essence. She wants us to know that you are perfect as you are and that everything about you is beautiful and special.

The Cooktown Orchid flower essence is for calming and assisting in the renewal process as the cellular structure of our bodies are changing to become more crystaline in nature. It would be advisable whilst taking this essence, to rest the body and take time out occasionally to regain composure, so as to ease the transformations taking place.

The Doctrine of Signatures of this flower is mainly seen in its soft texture. The petals are a vibrant violet colour with indigo at its heart centre. This heart centre has a particularly velvety soft texture and to me looks a little like a man’s bearded mouth, which I imagine would speak soft words of encouragement and gentleness.

Inner calm enfolds me even when there is harshness around, allowing a gentle courage to arise.
I flow through life with Unconditional Love, compassion and gratitude at all times.

Amethyst: A stone of “spirituality & contentment” * Clears the aura, stabilises & transmutes any dysfunctional energy located within the body * Facilitates transmutation of lower energies into higher frequencies of both the spiritual & ethereal levels * Can be used to protect against psychic attack * Balances energies of intellectual, emotion & physical bodies & provides clear connection between the Earth plane & other worlds * Bestows stability, strength, invigoration & inner peace * Assists in the assimilation of new ideas

Snow Quartz: Otherwise known as Quartzite, is excellent for supporting one during the stages of “lesson learning”, providing insight to the diminishment of limitations and to those responsibilities which are not necessary * Quartz is an emotional balancer * Stimulates brain functions and amplifies thought forms * Receives, activates, stores, transmits and amplifies energy.

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