Chakra – Crown Flower Essence


Healing Properties
* Balancing & Aligning
* Pineal
* Upper Brain
* Right Eye
* Cerebral Cortex

Balancing and aligning the Crown Chakra vitalises the upper brain. It is for Unity; Divine wisdom & understanding; Selfless service; Letting go of ego; and Connecting with Higher Self

Working with the chakras allows for activating and supporting transformation and healing of the Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual bodies.

This flower essence blend has been created infused with physical and ethereal colour rays which in themselves provide healing and balance.

Glands/Organs Pineal; Upper Brain; Cerebral cortex; Right eye.
Colour Rays Golden-white, Violet.

Affirmation: I accept and acknowledge the greatness of who I am beyond the physical.

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