Darwinia Flower Essence

(Darwinia fascicularis)


Darwinia is an Australian Native Flower

The Darwinia Flower Essence was prepared with a Clear Quartz crystal

Healing Properties
* Release of pain and suffering at soul level
* Inner peace and love for all Beings

Darwinia Flower Essence has the ability to reach into the depths of the soul to soothe and ease pain suffered during many lifetimes including this one, much of which can still be carried within your bodies.

It may seem that you have done much soul searching to find the love that is your birthright. A love that seems to have eluded your grasp, but lies somewhere within the unfathomable depths of your Being.

The Doctrine of Signatures are reflected in the Darwinia’s tiny red flowers which grow in small clusters and are each like droplets of red blood. But when separated each flower resembles a tiny sword with a handle, the stamen resembling the sword’s blade. The flowers are white to begin with and become red with maturity. White represents the purity with which you are first born upon the Earth plane as pure droplets of the essence of Source millennia ago. The red represents pain, suffering and lost blood experienced throughout the generations.

The Darwinia flower essence has the ability to reach within to unveil the barriers which have prevented love to flow freely through your Being, thus allowing pain and suffering to be released. This in turn allows love to flow forth through you to others, bringing with it a peace within which comforts and nurtures.

Never before can you remember such a love and peace, for this is Divine Love Рand from this flows joy.

Allow! Be!

As I release my pain and suffering at soul level, I am overflowing with Divine Love for myself and for others.
I AM Love! I AM Peace! I AM joy! I AM!

Clear Quartz – is an emotional balancer * Stimulates brain functions & amplifies thought forms * Receives, activates, stores, transmits & amplifies energy * Enhances inter-dimensional communication & communication with Higher Self & Spirit Guides.

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