Equanimity Energy Clearing Spray – 60ml


Equanimity Energy Clearing Spray

Healing Properties
* Uplifting
* Balancing
* Harmony

Equanimity Energy Clearing Spray is for clearing, calming and uplifting your Aura, Home and Work Place

Equanimity is created with a unique selection of “Nature’s Flowers of Life” flower essences.

Equanimity is ideal for use in the home and workplace to UPLIFT and create BALANCE
and HARMONY, especially where there may be disagreement, conflict or aggression.
It assists with harmonious decision-making in the boardroom and keeps your day
flowing smoothly

Equanimity is for creating harmonious people-contact in all life situations

When feeling scattered, irritable, or just out of sorts, Equanimity can assist by giving you an energy boost that will leave you feeling uplifted and balanced.

NOTICE THE DIFFERENCE at the end of your day when you use it to clear the energies for yourself and your rooms.

Equanimity will help you feel relief and uplifted from daily contact with life’s differing energies
and situations.

Equanimity is great for use throughout the day between clients for professionals such as healers, counsellors, doctors, teachers and solicitors.

Prepared with a gentle fragrance of Lavender and Rose Water.

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