Digestive Well-Being


Healing Stomach & Digestive system imbalances
Calming & uplifting
Releasing anxiety, stress & fear

The Digestive Well-Being combination of flower essences is for assisting people who have symptoms relating to imbalances within their digestive system. These people may experience regular periods of pain due to tension held within the stomach often being related to extreme anxiety, fear or alarm. People who have digestive imbalances may have been feeling sluggish and tired for a period of time and this flower essence blend has a calming and relaxing effect so that their energy can be restored.

The Digestive Well-Being essence has the ability to heal imbalances from past experiences. Memories of these experiences are stored within the cellular system of the body as well as within the auric bodies. On the release of memory vibrations held within the cells and auric bodies, the emotions become calmer and uplifted as an outcome.

Extended periods of extreme emotions can upset the stomach and digestive system due to the release of some hormones and chemicals which enter the digestive tract. Symptoms may be characterised by either an increase or a decrease in the contractions of the intestines. An increase in the contractions of the intestine may cause diarrhoea or cramping and a decrease in the contractions may lead to constipation. At times food allergies, headaches, light-headedness or muscle tension may also develop.

The inclusion of the Aloe Vera flower essence within this blend assists with maintaining appropriate stomach temperatures when there are chronic bowel disturbances.

A nervous stomach may result from more acids being released into the stomach due to the stress, creating symptoms such as abdominal fullness; heartburn; bloating; belching; flatulence; acid reflux or nausea. Other symptoms relating to an imbalanced stomach and digestive system are leaky bowel; stomach ulcers; digestive disruptions; dyspepsia; and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

A person is able to become more centred and in tune with their intuitive self due to the calming and balancing effect the Digestive Well-Being flower essence offers, allowing them to begin to take each step in life more consciously. Thus doing they are able to understand more fully various aspects in their lives that no longer serve them, and the essences in this blend offer support for the stepping away from them

People often have a tendency to criticise and judge themselves, ignoring their own inner beauty, special gifts and talents, particularly when they are going through difficult times. As you begin to slow down and be more centred you are being asked to stop and look within, acknowledging that you are a beautiful Soul having a Human experience. The Digestive Well-Being essence will support you in remembering to nurture and love yourself, as well as forgiving yourself for all judgements regarding past experiences and actions. There is no right nor wrong, good nor bad. Everything JUST IS – experiences!

With the inclusion of the Nasturtium flower essence a feeling of renewal may be experienced as the body begins to flush the intestines, pancreas and duodenum of waste materials, parasites and toxins that may have been held within.

NOTE: If symptoms persist see your doctor or health care professional. These essences safely remain supportive alongside other medications.

My stomach and digestive system are in perfect balance
I lovingly embrace all aspects of my body, mind and spirit
I feel calm and at ease as I leave the past behind with confidence

Clear Quartz; Black Tourmaline; Citrine

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