Distance Healing


Distance Healing is provided in the form of Sound Therapy Healing.  This is a therapy for transformation for activating your NEW life path and Personal Empowerment.

Distance healing is a form of energy vibrations being communicated through the Universal Energy Field by means of the power of intent and visualisation. Healing energies in this form are directed through the recipient’s Higher Self and is always directed for the Highest outcome for all. As with all forms of healing, it’s effectiveness depends upon the recipient’s openness to receive the energies.

The voice is used to sing the healing sounds. These sounds are channelled from the Highest dimensions of Love to clear the way for your personal empowerment, and for the activation of energies allowing you to step forward onto your new life path, designed by your Soul. The sounds brought through are unique for each person.  Drumming is also used to support this transformational healing work.

Unlocking repressed emotional energies and self-limiting programs occurs as a result of these powerful vibarational healing energies creating freedom to move forward in your life.

These healing sounds sweep clean the chakras bringing them into balance and alignment, ensuring that the energy flow is returned to its appropriate resonance.

Underlying beliefs and programs held within your physical bodies from past experiences, lifetimes and family lineages, are cleared.

Individually selected Flower Essence Remedies are recommended to support this transformational work.

“And the day will come
when the risk to remain tight in a bud
will become more painful
than the risk it takes to blossom”

(author unknown)

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