Fennel Flower Essence

(Foenecium Vulgare)


Fennel Flower Essence

Healing Properties
* Clarity to move on and leave the past behind
* Acknowledgment of Divinity within the Self and all beings 
* Clarity

The Fennel Flower Essence assists in the ability to see with more clarity that which no longer serves your highest good. It also assists in the ability to see others as going through the same process of learning through experience and letting go as we ourselves are doing. Through this awareness it is possible for you to acknowledge yourself and each person’s learning process in every given moment.

The Doctrine of Signatures of the Fennel plant is quite explicit in what the essence is reflecting in its healing abilities. The stem of the plant is divided into sections or levels just as life is a succession of different levels of learning. As we remove ourselves from one level of learning we go onto the next, bringing the knowledge of each level with us as experience.

The bulb of the plant consists of layers attached to each stem. These layers can be peeled away one by one – just as when we move on in life we are able to “peel away” those experiences we have learned from, but which no longer serve us. We are thus able to leave old belief systems and limitations behind. The doors of wisdom open ever wider as this process continues.

The bulb of the Fennel is edible, an indication that the Fennel flower essence creates the ability to digest the “flavour” and “consistency” of each layer or level of learning, until it is possible to get a fuller understanding of an experience or situation. Similarly this flower essence has the ability to assist with supporting the digestive process.

The Fennel plant may appear to be rather unattractive and uninteresting at first sight. On looking closely however you can see there is a complexity within the whole of the plant. The Fennel flower essence offers an awareness that all Beings and Life-forms cannot be judged on outer appearance and actions alone. Each has a complexity and “flavour” within their beingness that may not be apparent. This insight allows you to see others in a different light with more respect and less judgement!

As I walk through new doors of wisdom, I leave past experiences behind that no longer serve me
I acknowledge and respect the God spark within all Beings and Life-forms

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