Feminine Empowerment Flower Essence


Feminine Empowerment Flower Essence

Healing Properties
* Upliftment and empowerment of women, representing the Goddess within
* Connecting with your own personal inner truth

Feminine Empowerment Flower Essence is a blend of flower essences that has been created for the upliftment and empowerment of women, representing the Goddess within. In particular it is for those whose life experiences have led them to feel self-worth diminishment and lack confidence with who they are in the world.

Seek not the energies outside of yourself for only your own personal inner truth is relevant for you. Listening to your own inner truth will guide you to where your Soul wishes you to be. Be assertive yet compassionate in standing in your own truth not allowing others to sway you from it. Knowledge and vision will be presented as you do so and you will be more able to connect with your inner courage, strength and self-worth.

Feminine energies flow and spiral, expanding and contracting as the tides move across the planet while masculine energies are meant to give structure. You have both of these aspects within and it is important to create a balance between the two in order for you to be fully true to your inner voice and guidance. Balanced feminine energies are compassionate, gentle and loving, supported by the creative strength of your inner masculine energies.

It is important to forgive yourself for all judgements from past experiences and actions, allowing you to move beyond pain and suffering from past generations. In embracing the perfection of you and acknowledging your own inner beauty, you rekindle the joy of life.

Feminine Empowerment Flower Essence supports and assists with moving through and embracing all of the above. It also assists with balancing hormones so as to allow for loving sexual experiences.

I embrace the authentic power of my inner Goddess
I stand firmly in the truth of who I AM with love, joy and compassion.
I embrace the Divine aspects within me, allowing me to shine my Light and Love whilst assisting the raising of the planetary vibrations

Crystals: Moonstone; Smoky Quartz; Clear Quartz


These are very interesting times on this planet as old patriarchal forms held mainly by men, are falling away – both internally and externally. In this Age of Aquarius the Divine Feminine is being awakened on the planet and within each of us.

Our bodies are experiencing being upgraded to allow all 12 strands of our DNA to become fully active. Much of our DNA has remained dormant for centuries. These changes will allow you to step more fully into the truth of who you are as a Divine human being.

Our bodies are also changing from being carbon based to become more crystalline in nature, and often these changes can cause physical discomfort or imbalances.

Major changes can be seen and felt all around us as these changes move into place. As the majority of people are unaware of these changes, humanity is struggling as they attempt to come to terms with and understand the changes that are taking place. This can be seen by people acting out in many different ways due to their confusion.

It is vital that a balance of Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine is created on this our beautiful planet. We the people, are who we have been waiting for to bring peace and stability.

As a female it would therefore benefit you to realise that you are stepping into the role of becoming the Divine Feminine, whilst allowing the Masculine aspect within you to be balanced into his Divine role.

Be gentle with yourself as these changes take place.

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