Geraldton Wax Flower Essence

(Chamelaucium uncinatum)


Geraldton Wax is an Australian Native Flower

The Geraldton Wax Flower Essence was prepared with a Bloodstone Crystal

Healing Properties
* For those who feel disassociated with life and love
* Creating safe boundaries to give and receive love
* Eases sensitivity and brings balance to mind and emotions

The Geraldton Wax Flower Essence is for those who feel disassociated with life and love. They have created barriers to shield the heart, protecting themselves from painful experiences. They feel unsafe to give love and their protective barriers prevent them from allowing love in. They can have a tendency to over-react when feeling particularly vulnerable.

These experiences are often associated with both past and present life experiences. The Geraldton Wax flower essence has the ability to soften the tough exterior of the self, to touch the vulnerable inner beauty. It helps us feel less vulnerable by strengthening self-trust, and thereby trust of others. It helps set safe boundaries that allow the opening of the heart, acceptance of self worth, and the ability to love and to be loved.

Geraldton Wax Flower Essence offers a message of inner wisdom to the user of its essence. It offers a sense of renewal so that it is possible to choose a new direction in life with openness to love and a joy of living. It engenders hope, faith and trust.

The Doctrine of Signatures is reflected in the waxy tough exterior of the violet and pink flowers, and at its heart is a violet bowl-shaped centre, like cupped hands holding a depth of sensitivities within. Geraldton Wax is a sensitive but resilient plant, reflecting tough, resilient life experiences. Pink is the colour for the heart and purple for the third eye, representing the ability to connect to your sensitivity and inner wisdom through love. The essence of Geraldton Wax is calming and it eases the sensitivity, bringing balance to the mind and the emotions.

The energy of Archangel Michael comes with this essence. He offers his strength and wisdom, and his sword is offered to cut away the illusion that it is not safe to open the heart to give and receive love.

I AM safe to love, and to be loved
I embrace life with love and joy

Bloodstone: * Is a “stone of courage” * Revitalises love, relationships & friendships * Centering & grounding the heart * Living in the Now * Balancing physical, mental & emotional bodies * Balances the base, sacral, solar plexus and heart chakras * Balances the Spleen

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