Gloriosa Lily Flower Essence

(LILIACEAE Gloriosa superba)


Gloriosa Flower Essence

Healing Properties
* Emerging from grief through the loss of a loved one or a part of inner self
* New beginnings

Gloriosa Lily Flower Essence assists in the transition of letting go the strings attached to the past, where there may be much pain and heartache in the letting go process.

Gloriosa Lily Flower Essence is beneficial in times of major life changes, to assist with the pain of letting go part of the inner self. This could be likened to a bridging between two worlds. Whilst still having one foot in your familiar world (or way of being) the other is about to embark into an unfamiliar new world. There is an emerging from the heart into a new aspect of self.

Gloriosa Lily Flower Essence is also for when there is great sadness within the heart at soul level when one is grieving deeply for a loved one lost. At such times it is time for reflection and allowing the sadness to be felt at its deepest level. For if sadness is not dealt with fully it will remain stored within the body cells and the imbalance may develop into physical pain or illness.

I was shown that this is likened to the time a chrysalis spends within a cocoon before it emerges as a butterfly or moth. It is a time for nurturing oneself with love whilst the grieving process is experienced. Gloriosa Flower Essence envelops you (the chrysalis within the cocoon) with love and assists with the development of inner strength to continue life in a totally new direction. As with a butterfly, there is the opportunity of a whole new life force emerging. A new life with changes that may be filled with glorious new adventures and experiences and you are the beautiful lily! A suitable name for this flower, don’t you think? You will have the opportunity to emerge as the true beautiful Being that you are born to be.

Gloriosa Lily Flower Essence works with the Heart, Solar Plexus and Base chakras. It strengthens the Immune system and brings balance to the liver where anger and resentment are held, and with the kidneys where fear is held.

I emerge into new-found freedom as I move through major life changes.

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