Grief Support



Nurturing and protective.

Courage and strength during major life changes

This is a blend of several essences which is supportive and nurturing. It engenders courage and strength to cope in times of crisis. It is for grieving whilst going through major life changes.

Grief Support is for coping with Soul level grieving for a loved one lost, or for the letting go of an inner part of self. It helps dissolve negative energies and emotional blockages and helps calm mental worries. It is grounding.

This essence blend assists with sorting through family ties, patterns and perceptions and helps alleviate painful or irritating situations so they can more easily be released with love and forgiveness – including forgiveness of self. It allows for easier relationship completions and letting go.

Grief Support assists with stepping aside from turmoil and challenges so as to see situations with more clarity. It can be useful for healing past “bruising” and allowing people to get closer by letting down protective barriers. It is helpful in allowing you to acknowledge your own uniqueness.

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