Detox Flower Essence


Detox Flower Essence

Healing Properties
* Elimination of Toxins
* Liver cleansing
* Tissue Regeneration
* Chemotherapy
* Detoxing parasites
* Radiation detoxing

Detox Flower Essence is a blend of several essences. It can play an important role in supporting and assisting the body in eliminating toxins naturally (and some parasites), particularly from the liver. It aids in tissue regeneration and in energising and strengthening the heart and crown chakras, pineal gland, liver and spleen.

Detox Flower Essence is particularly useful for the elimination of radiation when taken before and after X-rays, chemotherapy or radiation treatments – even after long periods of time after exposure has occurred.

Anyone who is undergoing radiation therapy for cancer, would do well to consider taking Detox Flower Essence immediately beforehand as well as morning and night throughout the course of treatment. This assists with reducing the amount of burning suffered as well as reducing the amount of emotional distress associated with this treatment. It allows a person to be able to tolerate higher levels of radiation so that the treatment can be more effective.

Whilst undergoing chemotherapy it may a good idea to take Detox Essence more frequently to assist the body with managing side effects. This is especially relevant during those last stronger doses which can sometimes be quite debilitating. I would suggest to take it at least 4 times on the day before the chemo, and then also for the next 3-4 days or until symptoms settle down.

Detox Essence can safely be taken as many times a day as feels appropriate.

In today’s world we are continually being bombarded with electro-magnetic radiation from electrical devices that surround us in our daily lives, such as our computers and mobile phones. This flower essence helps reduce the amount of radiation being absorbed into the body from all those electrical devices.

As Detox Flower Essence helps to detoxify the body, it may assist with cancer prevention. Excessive exposure to electro-magnetic radiation can create headaches, dizziness, nausea, irregular heartbeat, loss of memory or muscle pains.

A daily dose of Detox Flower Essence would be greatly beneficial when you may have, or are being exposed to excessive electro-magnetic fields.

Detox Flower Essence has a cleansing effect as it helps re-align your central energy system and stabilise your aura. It has a calming effect and helps instill courage and confidence.


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