Large Tongue Orchid Flower Essence

(CRYPTOSTYLIS hunteriana)


Large Tongue Orchid is an Australian Native Flower

Large Tongue Orchid Flower Essence was prepared with a Tigers Eye crystal

Healing Properties
 * Recognition of your inner reality as your truth

The Large Tongue Flower Essence has the ability to clear the mind so that one can focus on the truth and reality of the higher dimensions of consciousness. A clarity of truth that passes beyond the illusions of experience within the Earth’s density. It can be likened to swimming upwards through crystal clear water cleansing away the illusion and leaving only the reality within one’s being as truth.

Truth and reality do not consist wholly of our physical existence or of the body with which we live our lives on Earth. Truth and reality are to be found within our hearts, as there resides the knowledge of ALL THAT IS of our Mother/Father God/Creator, that which encompasses all that exists within all dimensions, realities and universes.

The Doctrine of Signatures of the Large Tongue Orchid shows a red flower resembling a tongue – a tongue that speaks of truth. Each of us has our own truth, acceptable in the “eyes of God”. But there is also the truth of ONEness, of unity of the whole of this planet and all that exists beyond.

Orchids represent unification and simplicity, and their vibrations form a six pointed star with the love vibration within its centre. This six pointed star represents the vibrations of our God Source reaching down towards humanity and humanity raising its vibrations up towards our God Source. As Above, so below! To achieve this humanity must see through the illusion of the apparent reality of this earthly world of form and density. We are Spirit having a human experience on Earth within a body.

I AM that I AM – on the return journey back to the heart of Source
I see only my inner reality as truth

Tigers Eye – Helpful for seeking clarity and bringing together scattered thoughts and mental battles * Helps one become practical and of discrete mind, as well as more grounded * Can eliminate the “blues” and bring brightness and optimism * Enhances psychic abilities and promotes intuitive impressions involving the Solar Plexus * Soothes vibrations & generates calmness to unsettled turmoil

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