Peace Lily Flower Essence

(ARACEAE Spathiphyllum cochlearispathum)


The Peace Lily Flower Essence was made with a Moonstone crystal

Healing Properties
* Healing wounds of the heart
* Expansion of Love-Light
* Creating Peace within and without

(The Lily speaks) “Peace be with you. I offer the energy of love, of Light and of peace. Breathe me in and this too shall be yours”

The Peace Lily Flower Essence has a soft, gentle energy that is nurturing, while at the same time offering strength in times when you may be feeling low in energy. It helps bring ease and grace to help carry you through life’s struggles.

The Peace Lily Flower Essence offers hope and healing of inner wounds held deep within the heart. Many of these wounds may have occurred during past experiences in various lifetimes. Your heart holds an eternal God/Creator spark within it and this flower essence allows a gentle expansion of this spark to take place, allowing healing of these inner wounds to occur, and giving the heart permission to let go.

Let go let God – allowing the Source energy that lies within you to light the way into the new planetary consciousness of peace, love and harmony. Let your inner wisdom be your guide. Embrace and BE the love fully, giving permission for past wounds to be healed. Only love is capable of healing the emotions and wounds that you carry within.

Peace begins first within the self and then radiates out into your world of experiences surrounding you. The Peace Lily flower essence radiates an essence of Peace as its Light shines out from within. As you radiate your own love-light there begins a ripple of Light and Love that eventually extends further and further out into the world, joining with others of like mind to create a tsunami of Love. This tsunami of love also assists in the awakening of human souls who are yet to be aware of these energies.

Together we are One – all originating from the One Source of life. We grow in strength as hand in hand, heart in heart we create the New World of Peace, Love and harmony that has for so long been the hidden purpose of this human experience. It matters not which skin colour, race, religion or beliefs one has, we are all brothers and sisters originating from the One Source.

The Doctrine of Signatures of the Peace Lily Flower Essence depicts the shape of the flower petal being like a cupped hand held at your ear asking you to listen to the inner promptings of the heart. It is interesting to note that the species name of this plant contains the word cochlear which relates to hearing. Once you embrace the love of yourself fully, it is easier to embrace the love within all peoples, animals and life forms – as well as that of this beautiful planet that is our home.

This beautiful white flower consists of just one pure white petal or spathe and in its center is a single white spike or spadix. The Peace Lily flower stands tall and strong on top of a long, thin stalk. The spike is strong, standing straight & length-wise along the center of the flower and consists of minute flowers that when mature, emit bursts of pollen dust.

Another aspect of the Doctrine of Signatures is that of the One stalk, One flower and One central spike reflecting the Oneness of all. The way the pollen bursts from the spike could also be likened to bursts of Love-Light being emitted out into the world. NASA has declared that the Peace Lily has the ability to clean the air around it, which is also a significant aspect.

I allow the wounds of my heart to be healed as my inner Creator spark expands
I am open to listen to the promptings of my heart
I AM Love, I AM Light, I AM Peace, I AM

Moonstone: Balancing, introspective, Reflective, Lunar * Relates to “new beginnings” * Acknowledging the up & down cycles of life * For feeling & understanding via intuition rather than intellectualising * Cleansing negativity from chakras; enhancing feminine aspects of one’s nature * Arousing tenderness within the self * Providing connection between physical, emotional & intellectual bodies * Enhancing assimilation of nutrients to assist in elimination of toxins & treat disorders of digestive & elimination systems

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