Rainbow Hibiscus Flower Essence

(MALVACEAE Hibiscus)


The Rainbow Hibiscus Flower Essence was prepared with a Blue Rainbow crystal ball

Healing Properties
* Emotional release
* Peace and harmony at cellular and soul levels

(The Rainbow Hibiscus speaks) “As the winds of change move through the Earth, so too do they move through each individual” 

The Rainbow Hibiscus Flower Essence was made with a variety of different coloured Hibiscus flowers. Also brought into this essence was an etheric rainbow with higher vibrational shimmering colours activated within it. These colours were many and varied far beyond our human perception.

The Rainbow Hibiscus Flower Essence has the ability to work on a soul level, bringing peace and harmony within.

This flower essence has the ability to activate frequency shifts within the body cells by way of the resonance of each of the many colour vibrations. All colours resonate at different frequencies, as do all the cells within the body. As the Rainbow Hibiscus Flower Essence contains a variety of colours and their frequencies, it activates the body to respond and thus release remnants of past emotions and imbalances created by them.

As this flower essence is ingested, you may visualise a clear pool of water resonating at different sound and colour frequencies, creating rings of various vibrational frequencies moving outwards from a central point. This action will assist with the releasing and balancing process within the body cells.

I Love, I release, I AM

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