Red Flowering Gum Flower Essence

(Eucalyptus ficifolia)


An Australian Native Flower

This flower essence was prepared with a Royal Blue Tourmaline crystal

Healing Properties
Remaining centered and focussed without distraction

There is a point of focus within the center of your Being that is constantly being distracted by the mind and the many energies around you. These distractions keep you from remaining focussed and centered in your everyday activities.

Red Flowering Gum flower essence is for when your physical body is giving out signals of irritations or pain which are distracting your focus from your Inner Being. When these distractions overtake your focus it is difficult to think of anything else.

This flower essence assists in keeping you centered and focussed on the job at hand. It is especially helpful in keeping you in tune with your spiritual aspects, whilst at the same time being able to stay grounded and centred. Red Flowering Gum assists with clarifying the origins of pain or irritations within your life so that they may be cleared and released.

The Red Flowering Gum flower essence works on connecting the solar plexus and heart centres and also in connecting with the third eye for focus.

I remain centered and focussed in all situations
I receive clear guidance assisting me with working through my body’s symptoms.

Blue Tourmaline – Activates the 3rd eye and throat chakras: Strengthens communication and psychic awareness: Assists in relating to others in a loving manner and to live in harmony with the environment: Activates progression towards Service and recognising rewards of serving humanity through expansion of knowledge and the power of love: The deeper shade of blue facilitates access to higher levels of intuition: Assists with disorders of lungs, throat, larynx, esophagus, thymus and thyroid

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