Soul Healing



Healing at Soul level from past traumas


The Soul is the immortal Spiritual part of the self that is unique to each person. It is essentially the God/Goddess essence being expressed through you as it oversees your physical experience on this planet. The term Soul retrieval is sometimes used to refer to a psychological healing process that begins at the spiritual level.

In this world of experiential possibilities of highs and lows we may at times experience negative or traumatic events such as abuse, grief or long-standing hardships. The impact of such negative events may portray to a person that their world is tough, thus creating an inability to perceive more positive attributes or possibilities. In times such as these, a person may choose to avoid the full impact of pain experienced by fragmenting an aspect of themselves to disconnect from their physical, emotional and mental awareness. This fragmenting may also be referred to as a soul split.

Painful issues experienced in this incarnation, and/or past lives that are associated with emotional energies remain stored within the body. These may be unable to be resolved until a person has reached a time in their life when they are ready to deal with them. These stuck energies can block expressions like love and happiness as well as restricting expressions such as fear, anger and sadness, the energies of which will remain held within the body. Until they are ready to be dealt with, life can become difficult due to part of the soul being fragmented and can leave a person feeling empty and lonely.

A channelled message received from Archangel Michael via Ronna Herman (LM-1-2014) expresses that “Every facet of Creator consciousness in this sub-universe has experienced Soul-body fragmentation, and every soul, at every level of Beingness is now in the process of healing and reuniting with many facets of itself. You will integrate as many facets of the Self as humanly possible while in your present physical vessel and the process will continue as you traverse the higher realms of existence.”

This blend of Flower Essences opens the way for you to perceive renewed possibilities. It has been created to support the healing of fragmented aspects of yourself and therefore rebalance your life on all levels as you work through the processes. This is a gentle way of healing the pain or emptiness, helping you to reverse dysfunctional patterns and access anew the strengths that healing these aspects offers you.

By consciously working with the integration of these renewed strengths you may begin to notice that you feel lighter & more joyful, and you may gain clarity. The affirmations given below are offered to assist with this process although you might feel more comfortable with affirmations you devise for yourself.

It may be beneficial for this blend to be followed with another Flower Essence blend that is personally selected for you to assist with further completion of the process.

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