Transition Flower Essence


Transition Flower Essence

Healing Properties For you and your pets

* Assisting with Major life transitions
* Embracing your inner decision-making

Transition Flower Essence is a blend of  flower essences for people who are going through major life transitions of all kinds. It assists in allowing clarity to prevail, and easing feelings of confusion or turmoil within.

Transition Flower Essence assists with opening communication channels for inner attunement with your Divine inner self, Spirit guides and teachers. In this regard it assists with discernment of truth, and acceptance of circumstances. Transition Flower Essence helps to access your inner wisdom in confronting and resolving past challenges.

Transition Flower Essence is for sorting through family ties, patterns and perceptions so as to clarify painful or irritating situations. It is for releasing with love and forgiveness – including forgiveness of self. It helps with unlocking and releasing experiences of the past, and memories associated with them, at cellular level.

Transition Flower Essence assists with easing grief for a loved one lost – or the letting go an inner part of yourself.  In this way it allows you more opportunities for stepping forward into a new way of being, whilst letting go of old fears and doubts. It engenders emotional balance.

There may come a time in a person’s life when they come to a point of inner decision-making of choosing whether they wish to continue living out this life-time, or whether to take their final breath and pass into the Spirit world. These decisions will mostly have been chosen on an unconscious level, and can express themselves by way of health issues or some other challenging circumstances.

Transition Flower Essence has been created to assist people to embrace their inner decision-making, thus making the choosing an easier task. Should they choose to depart from life, it allows for calmer, easier farewells with friends & loved ones, and makes passing smoother and more peaceful, removing fear and anguish.

Transition Flower Essence provides supportive clarity in the preparation of completions within a person’s life, such as with relationships, finances, legalities etc. It assists with open expression of feelings so that previously unsaid words can more easily be spoken before departing.

Animals: Assisting in adjusting to new or changed environments, as well as easing emotional attachments to a previous owner or another animal that is no longer present. Easing inner confusion or turmoil, and removing fear & anguish.

I am fully supported as I step forward into new life circumstances with Grace, Ease and Clarity

Blue Lace Agate, Lapis Lazuli, Rose Quartz, Royal Blue Tourmaline, Smoky Quartz

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