White Angel Orchid

(Dendrobium draconis)


This essence was made in the Tao Gardens near Chiang Mai, Thailand


Liberation and generosity through clarity regarding fear of lack and related suspiciousness


This essence is for accessing deep-seated fears that have been present for a long time, possibly for several lifetimes especially where there are feelings of lack – that there is never enough. These fears may be conscious or unconscious.

These fears can also relate to self-worth when you feel you lack the ability to carry out tasks to your own satisfaction or expectations. There may be a tendency to doubt the intentions of others, fearing that they are trying to rob you of your dignity or your possessions.

The White Angel Orchid essence assists in bringing these fears into consciousness from the mental body so they can be confronted and resolved.

These processes have the ability to leave you feeling liberated with a “lightness” as the burdens of carrying these fears are released.

The essence assists in strengthening the kidneys and gall bladder, which are affected by fear, increasing the chi or energy in these organs.



Abundance flows through my life. The more I give out, the more I receive in return

I walk with confidence and clarity

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