Storms of Transformation & Renewal

Storms of transformation and renewal

Our world as we know it today is ever-changing and we are stepping forward towards new ways of being, doing and seeing from different perspectives. At times you may be finding the going somewhat tough and challenging. It is important to take stock of what you no longer wish to have in your personal world, whether it be the people you associate with or where you reside, or you may have begun to recognise aspects of yourself that no longer serve you – a sense of needing to step aside from who you have been up until now and into a more suitable vibratory resonance that will take you more closely towards your designated soul song and purpose in this life.

All around our planet for quite some time now we have been seeing natural disasters and upheavals occurring with some regularity, leaving lives lost or traumatised. This is part of our planet’s journey of changes as she goes through her own upheavals and releasing – as do all those lifeforms residing here. We are going through these changes together

These are times of transformation and renewal – of opportunities to look at letting go of any “skeletons” that may have remained hidden in the dark corners of your subconscious mind. This includes allowing old insecurities to finally be released from your cellular and soul bodies – those that you are conscious of as well as those that have remained unconscious at much deeper levels from past times. Apart from the sadness and suffering that natural disasters create, there could be some relief by reminding yourself that many of those old energies within and around us have been transmuted, blown or washed away – those that no longer serve.

Not only do we clear these for our personal selves but we do so in partnership with our multi-dimensional selves and family lineages – therefore also clearing the way for future generations. And….as we individually clear the debris, our energies ripple out to the touch those we connect with on a daily basis within the ONEness of our etheric webs, assisting them in our wake.

The Lavender flower essence is for those times in life when you may be feeling battered and blown about by life’s tumultuous happenings. Sometimes when such moods as these are held tightly within they can cause destruction, disharmony, imbalance and problems with your health and well-being. Lavender Essence will provide a calmness to allow clarity to show through.

Transition Essence is for people who are going through major life transitions of all kinds. It assists in allowing clarity to prevail and easing feelings of confusion or turmoil within. Transition Essence helps to access your inner wisdom in confronting and resolving past challenges. It is for sorting through family ties, patterns and perceptions so as to clarify painful or irritating situations. It is for releasing with love and forgiveness – including forgiveness of self. It helps with unlocking and releasing experiences of the past and memories associated with them, at a cellular level.

Gloriosa Lily is beneficial in times of major life changes, to assist with the pain of letting go part of the inner self. This could be likened to bridging between two worlds. Whilst still having one foot in your familiar world (or way of being) the other is about to embark into an unfamiliar new world. There is an emerging from the heart into a new aspect of self. Gloriosa Lily assists in the transition of letting go the strings attached to the past, where there may be much pain and heartache in the letting go process.

Waratah essence is for calming when a person is in crisis or going through tumultuous times.

Calming Essence is for calming situations where panic and/or pain are experienced. It gently dilutes shock symptoms during traumatic life situations or major accidents.

Essences for your pets are also available to assist them through these difficult times as they too suffer along with their beloved human and animal families.